Brown & Sharpe TWIN-CAL IP67
water resistant IP67 Digital electronic calipers
Pieds à coulisse digitaux

Made by TESA, the leader in Swiss precision measuring instruments. IP67 dust and liquid resistant coolant proof calipers with or without SPC (RS-232) output. This means they're totally protected from dust penetration and they still function correctly after having been subjected to low pressure water jets from all directions for three minutes. TESA Twin-Cal is identical to Brown & Sharpe Twin-Cal. The Brown & Sharpe name is used for marketing purposes in the USA while TESA covers the rest of the globe.

  • All digital models feature thumb wheel for easy sliding control
  • Depth rod is availabe in round or square versions for the 6-inch model
  • Wireless data output on Twin-Cal models (optional cables and software required)
  • IP67 protected from dust and liquids (waterproof).
  • Resolution is .0005" (0,01 mm) and accuracy is as follows
    • 20 µm (approximately .0008") for the first 4 inches
    • 30 µm (approximately .0012") from 4 to 12 inches
  • Repeatability: 10 µm (approximately .0004")
  • Large digital display for easy viewing.
  • Switches easily between inch and metric.
  • Calipers revert to idle mode after 10 minutes and full automatic shut-off after 2 hours.
  • Battery (type CR 2032) life 1-1/2 years.
  • The jaws are of high quality hardened steel giving them a long useful life.
  • Instrument comes with an ID number, suitable for ISO requirements.
  • Case and inspection report included
  • Storage case

Appetite spoiler: The new Twin-Cal calipers do not have a country of manufacture stamped on them. This can mean only one thing: the majority of components and assembly are Chinese. Are you suddently turned off as we would be? The one consolation can only be that ALL currently manufactured digital and dial calipers are made in China to one degree or another. No manufacturer has come forward to claim otherwise. We'd love to be proven wrong on this.


Some details on the TESA calipers


You can take depth measurements with the .060" diameter round rod which protrudes from the rear end of the calipers. You would easily be able to measure the depth of small holes, for example. Or, you can order the same model with the standard flat depth rod.

What's really cool is that you can turn this into a wireless SPC caliper. An optional transmitter very simply replaces the large battery cover. Or, if you still have a fetish for electrical wires, you can run a cable from the battery cover to your PC's USB port. Okay, these add-ons cost money. For one thing, you will also have to buy TESA software (Stat Express or Data Direct) in order for all this to work. Suddenly your basic, simple digital caliper is an investment. But it's nice to have options. Like those digital cameras with a thousand and one settings. It's nice to know they're there but let me just point and shoot.

(For the record: both Mahr and Mitutoyo make wireless calipers that do not require software if all you want to do is input raw numbers onto a spreadsheet.)

Are you new to IP67? It's a somewhat cryptic way to tell you that this caliper, and other IP67 gages, will be able to withstand a considerable amount of moisture in the form of water spray, mist and dust without going haywire. You should look for this if you work in such an environment. It does not mean that you will be able to take it scuba diving, though.

Brown & Sharpe No.*

Depth Rod Style

Jaw length

Range / Graduations

Internet Sale Price

00590302 (05.90302)



150 mm / 6" / .0005"

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00590303 (05.90303)



150 mm / 6" / .0005"

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00590304 (05.90304)



200 mm / 8" / .0005"

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00590305 (05.90305)



300 mm / 12" / .0005"

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*Why two numbers? It is the same number but presented in a different format. You may encounter either format depending on what day of the week it is.

Note: The 0-6" model (00590301) was formerly sold under the Brown & Sharpe Dura-Cal name. It was made by Tesa in Switzerland and is of the same high quality as the other digital calipers on this page. It has been replaced by Brown & Sharpe model 00590302 (05.90302)


Something simpler and cheaper?


The Shop-Cal has been renamed Valueline IP67. It is the most basic digital caliper you can get with a thumb roller. Although marketed as "Swiss" it is also of Chinese origin. It offers simple switching between inch and metric. Nothing fancy, nothing confusing, yet still IP67 waterproof. Just slide and read. See page 185.

Brown & Sharpe Shop-Cal replaced the discontinued Tesa Digit-Cal 00530085. Both are now obsolete.


Digital caliper repairs and repair questions


What are your chances of getting any of these repaired if something goes wrong? Pretty slim. If the failure is mechanical (bent jaws, worn surfaces) then we can fix them for you. But if the digital display stops working, you'll have to chuck 'em. They do come with a 1-year warranty, so you'll be assured of a minimum one year useful life, as long as you don't try to use them as a wrench or can opener.

Q: I have a TESA CAL IP67 that is not working correctly. The Auto OFF function does not switch off the caliper. The display stays on all the time. The C/ON button does not activate anything. The symbol >0< stays on and Zero cannot be reset. As the slider is moved the digits change as normal. The return cost of sending it away to be repaired is not worth it but the instrument still looks like new. Would appreciate any suggestions that you may have for a do-it-yourself repair.

  • A: At this point in a digital caliper's all-too limited life, all you can do is replace the reading module. This is not an available option for Tesa gages because it would cost too much and no one stocks the parts. On the other hand, Mitutoyo brand digital calipers have modules available. Still expensive, it at least offers a repairable scenario.


Depth Measurement Attachment



In order to use the calipers for measuring depth of grooves and bores, use this attachment (shown with calipers, above). It slides onto the end of the caliper beam and is fastened in place with a lock screw. It has a 3" span. The calipers can now be used as a depth gage. See page 173 for details.

Click here for other options in depth measurement.


Related topics and more information


  • calipers and brand comparison ... page 11
  • calibration procedures ... page 7

Norton Oilstone Sharpening Kit: Medium India stone, Ultra Fine Hard Arkansas stone

Twin-Cal wireless data transmission


The Brown & Sharpe 00590302 TWIN-CAL digital caliper has a 0 to 6"/0 to 150 mm measuring range and a 0.0005"/0.01 mm resolution to perform inside, outside, step, and depth measurements. A round depth rod measures depth in narrow or recessed areas. The 1.5" jaw depth holds parts securely while measuring. The absolute (ABS) measuring system retains the zero setting even after the caliper is powered off. A thumb wheel provides one-handed operation. The body is composed of PVD (physical vapor deposition)-coated stainless steel for increased durability. The LCD displays digits 11 mm high and has a sealed plastic housing that is Ingress Protection certified IP67 for protection against dust, oil, and coolants. The caliper has a TESA wireless interface (TWIN) and a wired data output port to export data to a computer for data analysis or long-term records storage (requires cable or wireless receiver, not included). The caliper is powered by one 3V CR2032 battery (included) and comes with a fitted plastic case. (manufacturer provided description)


Usage Hints


Digital calipers are used the same way as dial calipers. They have the advantage that no specialized skills are needed to read the dial. It is important only that the jaws are closed just to the point of contact and no extra force is applied. This is a highly precise measuring tool which can only give accurate readings as long as the measuring jaws are not damaged. Always wipe the jaws clean before using and always keep the calipers safe and dry when not in use.

Hint: it's easy to take comparative measurements with these digital calipers: close the jaws onto the master piece and set the calipers to zero by pressing the button. The display will read zero. Now close the jaws onto the test piece and any deviation from the master piece will be displayed digitally. You can test many pieces this way.

More information on caliper use can be found on our mechanical dial calipers pages. Refer to the index.


Error Messages


Just because your display shows an error message does not mean that it's malfunctioning. The most common error message is "004" and this indicates that you have moved the beam too quickly or that water has gotten onto the beam and the electronic component is not 100% sure of the reading. In this case, dry the beam (if necessary) and reset the calipers to zero before taking another reading.





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