TESA metric dial caliper
Swiss model CCMA-M


TESA (all letters should be capitalized) is the European specialist in metric precision tools. The prices of their metric calipers have been drastically lowered for the North American market.

If you are looking for an inch reading TESA dial caliper, go to page 103 and get the Brown & Sharpe dial caliper which is identical and costs less.

These quality dial calipers are made in Switzerland by the same manufacturer who produces Brown & Sharpe and Etalon calipers. The beam is made of hardened stainless steel and these will certainly outlast calipers such as most of those made by Starrett.

There's no thumb roller but there is a bezel lock screw and a slider locking screw. The accuracy, like other quality calipers, is less than or equal to 20 µm in the first 100 mm range. A plastic case and manufacturer's inspection report are included. The calipers have an ID number, suitable for ISO compliance.

Amazon sells this model caliper at amazingly low cost and that is why we no longer bother trying to sell it. Isn't it nice of us to offer this free advertising for our competition? Check for Amazon discount pricing by clicking here.


TESA model 00510050 shown above with 0.01 mm dial graduations


  • Range: 150 mm
  • Graduations: 0.01 mm
  • Dial color: yellow (yellow is standard for metric calipers in the US)
  • Dial configuration: 1 mm per revolution for 0.01 mm model
  • Maximum error: 20 µm for the range up to 100 mm and 30 µm for the range from 100-150 mm
  • Construction: stainless steel beams and metal housing
  • Thumb wheel: not available in this size model
  • Hard plastic case
  • Inspection report, declaration of conformity and serial number
  • One year manufacturer's warranty against defects
  • Swiss made
  • Model 00510050
  • Check for internet discount pricing by clicking here


Depth measuring attachments



In order to use the calipers for measuring depth of grooves and bores, use this attachment (shown with calipers, above). It slides onto the end of the caliper beam and is fastened in place with a lock screw. The calipers can now be used as a depth gage. See page 173 for details.


How do these calipers compare to other brands?


For more information on dial calipers including brand-by-brand comparison and calibration instructions refer to page 11.

Calipers need to be calibrated from time to time. A good start is by having several gage blocks or measuring rods on hand. For information refer to page 164.




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