TESA metric dial caliper

Swiss model CCMA-M

There is considerable confusion about these metric calipers.

TESA metric dial calipers are no longer made in Switzerland and the words "Swiss made" will not appear on the dial.

  • TESA's online catalog and Amazon photos still show older models with "Swiss made" on the dial.

TESA calipers seem to be marketed in the U.S. as if they were a Brown & Sharpe caliper. They are made by the same manufacturer but have different brand names and dials.

  • If you are expecting B&S, you may be unhappy to receive a look-alike.

Brown & Sharpe no longer offers a mechanical metric dial caliper with the B&S brand name. You could invest in the Etalon or TESA alternative; or, switch to a manufacturer that doesn't have multiple personalities.

For these confusing reasons we've decided to remove the TESA caliper in our lineup for the time being.

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"Swiss Made" on the dial? Not true. According to Amazon, this is the 0.01 mm model. Not true. According to the photo, this caliper has a range of 150 mm. Not true. According to the photo, there is a thumb wheel. Not true. Good grief, Charlie Brown.


Caution if buying from Amazon: their product images sometimes do not match the product description. Read carefully!

There is no question that Amazon can offer you the best prices on almost every kind of precision measuring tool. They also offer easy no-questions-asked returns and often free shipping. The small distributor simply cannot compete. That's why we include this link so you can go directly to Amazon and see what they're offering.

Two things to consider:

  • Amazon product photos sometimes don't match the product description. It's the description that you want to pay attention to.
  • There are imitation gages on the market (specifically Mitutoyo) and you can make sure you are getting the real item by looking for the words "sold by Amazon". If it is sold by a third party, you might want to call Mitutoyo to find out if they are legitimate distributors.

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