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Mitutoyo Digital Micrometer

Quantumike vs. Quickmike

Both Mitutoyo micrometers have high-speed spindle rotation and high accuracy. These are our digital micrometers of choice. Simple, quick turning thimbles make them a cinch to use.

Here's the difference:

  • Quantumike: thimble moves in and out faster than on normal mikes
  • Quickmike: quick rotating thimble that never moves

Don't think twice... this is THE micrometer to use. You only have to try it once to be convinced. And, it has an outstanding accuracy of ±.00005 which pretty much beats any competition. The micrometers come with a Certificate of Inspection which gives data based on standards traceable to NIST. You should not need anything else.

The Mitutoyo Quantumike Series 293 is IP65 coolant proof, switches easily between inch and metric and has the singular advantage of quick spindle rotation resulting in much faster measurements and much less wear and tear on your fingers.

Whereas on a standard digital micrometer you have to turn the spindle once to travel 0.5 mm (in metric mode), a single turn of the spindle will travel 2 mm on the Quantumike. It makes single handed use much less tiring and unless you have a specific reason for wanting the old, slower system, we see no reason why you shouldn't invest in this new marvel from the masters of digital measurements, especially once you see how inexpensive they really are.


The Quantumike thimble moves as you turn it, just like ordinary micrometers.


The Quickmike thimble rotates as you turn it but it never moves!

  • Accuracy: ±.00005"
  • Resolution: .00005" (0.001 mm)
  • Flatness: .000012"
  • Parallelism: .00004"
  • Battery: SR44 (1 year or more useful life)
  • Water and Dust protection: IP65

We do not stock these ourselves because our friendly nemesis Amazon offers them at really low prices, which we can not beat. Go ahead and click on the "check price" links below and see for yourself. Then, treat yourself to one smooth ride.

You will often find discounts up to 35% and free shipping!

Range Output Accuracy Setting rod Model No. Price US$
0 to 1" No .00005" not needed 293-185-30 check price and availability
1–2" No .00005" included 293-186-30 check price and availability
2–3" No .0001" included 293-187-30 ask us about this one
3–4" No .0001" included 293-188-30 ask us about this one
0–1" SPC output .00005" not needed 293-180-30 check price and availability
1–2" SPC output .00005" included 293-181-30 ask us about this one
2–3" SPC output .0001" included 293-182-30 ask us about this one
3–4" SPC output .0001" included 293-183-30 ask us about this one

Quickmike with SPC output

The Quickmike also has the fast turning thimble but here is the difference: the spindle does not rotate. There is no barrel or spindle sleeve with hatchmarks and graduations. In fact, the thimble rotates but does not go in and out as it does on the Quantumike.

How can this be useful? In the hands of less skilled operators, quickly repeated measurements can be made. Although it certainly can be used as a normal micrometer, it is ideal for comparison. Close the anvil completely and set to zero by a push of the button. Subsequently you open the spindle to the desired measurement, for example .7500" and again set to zero at this point. The display will now read zero. You can check your manufactured pieces quickly by measuring them and the display will tell you how far or how close you are to the desired .7500". Easy to use without any special reading skills.

Because the thimble does not move, it is also more comfortable for one handed operation, particularly for people with small hands.

  • The micrometer has an Ingress Protection 54 (IP54) rating, which means that components are resistant to debris and to splashing water from any direction up to a volume of 10 liters per minute.
  • Micrometer setting standard included with models other than 0-1"
  • Plastic case
  • Optional SPC cable (40" length) 937387
  • Optional SPC cable (80" length) 965013

Beware! These micrometers are really expensive!

Range Output Accuracy setting rod Model No. Price US$
0–1.2" SPC output ±.0001" not needed 293-676 check price and availability
1–2.2" SPC output ±.0001" included 293-677 check price and availability
2–3.2" SPC output ±.00015" included 293-678 ask us about this one
3-4.2" SPC output ±.00015" included 293-679 ask us about this one


First the display froze then it shut off and won't turn back on. The battery is new. Can it be fixed?

  • In digital gages, for all their good points, the electronics will eventually fail (guaranteed) and then it is either very expensive to replace the component or it is simply no longer available, as in "obsolete". In short, we can not fix your gage. If it is a current model, still in the Mitutoyo catalog, give them a call and see if their repair shop can handle it.

For additional information on micrometers in general, please take a look at page 29.



Caution if buying from Amazon: their product images sometimes do not match the product description. Read carefully!

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