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Long Island Indicator Service Inc

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Long Island Indicator Service is


Rene Meyer

Roy Meyer

John Garand

René Urs Meyer


Roy Meyer


John Wm Garand

Our office hours on Long Island (New York)


You will find our address at the bottom of every page of our web site and our phone number on Long Island is 1-631-265-9357 but if you give us a call you will find yourself listening to a message that says we can't answer the phone.

It's the truth. We receive so many calls that we would have to hire additional staff and we can't afford that. As a result, we ask you to send us an e-mail instead.

If you are specific with your inquiry, then we can answer the emails quite quickly. You will get expedited service if you use our e-mail to contact us.

Contacting us is easy. Please email inquiries to the following:

micrometers (Roy)
dial bore gages (Roy)
indicators (René)
accounting (John)

miscellaneous (whoever is available)


Please do not send the same email to multiple addresses.
It will ony confuse us and cause delays in answering.

Technical Questions


Please send us an email with detailed information (photographs are often helpful).

Machinists Workshop




Purchases of new calipers, micrometers, dial indicators and spare parts can be made at any time. Place your order for parts or new tools directly online from this web site.

If you would like to e-mail an order, kindly use the PDF format whenever possible. That way we'll be sure to receive an exact copy of your purchase order.


Credit Card information and secure e-mails


submit credit card information

You may submit credit card information by clicking the link shown above. This will bring you to a secure site. You will see a charge for $1.00 plus shipping. Your card will not be charged at this time. This is purely for submitting credit card information in a secure way. We will contact you regarding the actual amount and we will not proceed without your approval. You are welcome to include a message in the message field if you know the invoice number and/or if you already approve the amount on your invoice. We trust that this will be a quicker way to deal with submitting credit card information since it can reduce the amount of time spent trying to get in touch by phone.

We will only ship new tools and spare parts to the address associated with the credit card. Please make sure that your street number and zip code match the billing address. If they do not, your order will be cancelled. This is designed to protect the rightful owner of the credit card.

If you need to make special shipping arrangements, please contact us first.

Note that we will not store your credit card for future use unless you specifically request so.


Where we are located


14 Sarah Drive, Hauppauge, Long Island, New York 11788 USA




Long Island Indicator Service Inc
14 Sarah Drive — Hauppauge NY 11788 — USA

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