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Compac IA2A Dial Bore Gage .8"–2.0"

Spare Parts List — for reference only


Since Compac dial bore gages have been discontinued, spare parts are limited. We are reserving them for our own repairs.

Replacement contacts are only available for sale while supply lasts. Please send us an email for current stock and pricing.

  • 044111 contact #1 (.80")
  • 044112 contact #2 (.84")
  • 044113 contact #3 (.88")
  • 044114 contact #4 (.92")
  • 044116 contact #5 (.96")
  • 041876 extension A (.20")
  • 041877 extension B (.40")
  • 041878 extension C (.80")
  • 042066 wrench for contacts

Stripped threads

The contacts for this size bore gage have M5x0.5 threads. Overtightening the contacts will easily strip the threads in the measuring head. Repairs will not be possible.

About contact sizes

The nominal size and the actual length of the six contacts is different. If you're missing a contact or need to replace a worn contact, it can be tricky to figure out which one you need. To make it easier, here are the actual overall lengths of the new contacts. Keep in mind that the contacts you have may be worn down and thus a little bit shorter than the new ones.

  • No.1 (.80") = .206" approx. overall length
  • No.2 (.84") = .248" approx.
  • No.3 (.88") = .295" approx.
  • No.4 (.92") = .327" approx.
  • No.5 (.96") = .370" approx.
  • No.6 (1.00") = .405" approx.

If you have the contacts screwed into the circular contact holder that came with the bore gage set, here are the dimensions of the exposed length of each contact.

  • No.1 = .060" exposed length
  • No.2 = .110"
  • No.3 = .150"
  • No.4 = .190"
  • No.5 = .230"
  • No.6 = .270"

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