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Starrett 711 Last Word

Test indicator spare parts list

Surprisingly, for an indicator that has been in production for over 100 years, the Last Word indicator can be fixed almost all the time. The limiting factors will be the cost of the parts and whether or not you have them available.

Two specific situations preclude repairs almost automatically:

  • If the pivot screw under the contact point is broken off then you may have a hard time getting the threaded portion out of the body. Check to see if you can remove it before you proceed. (The body is hardened and trying to use a drill to remove the pivot screw is just about useless.)
  • If the front end of the body is crushed or bent out of shape then you should consider abandoning the project.

This page is for reference only because we are not a Starrett distributor, we won't be able to supply spare parts. The only exception is carbide contact points, because they are not manufactured by Starrett.

It is our understanding that parts can be bought directly from the manufacturer. Check their web-site, or give them a call.

Drawing no. Part no. Description Price (US$)
1 PT08395-A body with reversing mechanism installed
2 PT09263-A lever assemby complete with jewel (see note below)
2 PT09264 jewel only, for lever assembly
3 PT07094 set screw (2.2 mm long)
4 PT07095 adjustment screw (2.9 mm long)
5 PT07096 side cover screw
6 PT07126 end cover screw
7 PT07088 pivot screw
8 PT07136X CARBIDE contact point Ø .062" [MTC58-12] 21.50 order now
8 PT07137X CARBIDE contact point Ø .035" 21.50 order now
9 PT07076 spiral pinion for Last Word indicator
10 PT99126 hair spring and pin
11 PT11610 dial .001" (see note)
11 PT11632 dial .0005" (see note)
11 PT25008 0.01 mm dial (see note)
12 PT07059 dial plate
13 PT07062 ring
14 PT07061 dial plate screw
15 PT07064 spring
16 PT07099 hand (pointer)
17 PT07112 crystal (see note and video below) not suitable for 711-T1 13.60 order now
18 PT07066 bezel
19 PT07140 pin (not sold separately. See part 10)

Repair notes

It's quite common that Starrett parts need to be customized before they fit. You would think that a company which produces precision tools would have the means to manufacture interchangeable parts, but they don't. The lever is a prime example. In order for the jeweled tip to engage properly in the screw gear you may have to bend the lever. Do this with utmost care, since it will break easily. We will not replace the lever if you break it!

In a surprise move, quite out of character for the LS Starrett Company, the reversing lever on the side of the indicator body is no longer sold as a spare part. It can only be gotten as part of the complete body. The old levers had a pin that kept them in place; these parts are, alas, no longer available either. In the case of the pin, you can probably find a substitute in your scrap box. For the rest, you'll have to improvise or buy a new indicator.

Yes, your Starrett Last Word .001" indicator can be converted to a .0005" indicator by simply changing the dial. No other parts are involved. Unfortunately it's a tricky maneuver which needs a hand lifting tool and familiarity with the workings of this gage but any repair shop, us included, can take care of it for you.

The dials of recent models can be damaged by prologed exposure to solvents. When cleaning them, do not let them soak for more than a minute or two or the print will begin to flake off.

Item 3 and Item 4: do not remove these screws. There is no need to touch them in most cases. The adjusting screw can be used to change the amount of hand travel. Ideally, the hand should go around just once, exactly. The adjusting screw may be hard to turn. Don't bother ruining a screw driver blade. If it is over or under by a few graduations, this isn't going to be calamitous.

Item 16: when installed, the hand (pointer) will be at the six o'clock position and it will make exactly one revolution. Two adjustment screws are available for this purpose. If the hand travels much more than one revolution, it will probably cause the hair spring to tangle.

Item 17: Last Word crystals are easily replaced. You will need a flat blade screw driver to pry off the knurled chrome bezel. You can then remove the old crystal. If it is very old, you will also see a split ring spring which you can now toss away. The new crystal fits right in and you can press the chrome bezel back in place. A small pair of nippers can help get a snug fit but be careful you don't ruin the new crystal in the process. It should be mentioned that obsolete model 711-T1 (.0001") used a different crystal, which we no longer supply.

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