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Spherical Carbide Tipped contact point

The carbide tips on these MTC American-made contact points are of a slightly smaller diameter (d) than the rest of the point (D). This feature makes these Mitutoyo style points different from other points, but they can be used on any dial or digimatic indicator with the proper thread size. Length (L) refers to the overall usable length.

Order No. Mtutoyo No. Outer Ø (D) Recessed Ø (d) Thread Length (L) Price US$
MTC45-23 131274 .27" .25" inch 4-48 .4" 21.50
MTC45-25 120058 5.2 mm 4.3 mm metric M2.5 5 mm 21.50
MTC45-27 120060 10.5 mm 9.5 mm metric M2.5 5 mm 32.50

Companion Reference Guide for Test Indicators
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