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Swiss Dial Indicator Lug Back

for Compac, Mercer and Tesa dial indicators

Your large 58 mm diameter** Swiss made** Mercer, Compac or Tesa YR and Tesa YE dial indicator probably comes with a plastic flat back. Four large slotted screws hold it in place. If you buy the optional cast metal lug back, you simply remove the plastic back and screw on the metal lug back using the same four screws.

Compac and Mercer are identical because they're the same indicator, sold under two different brand names. Tesa uses many of the same parts. These metal backs will fit all Compac, Mercer, Tesa YR and Tesa YE indicators made in Switzerland. They will not fit the old Mercer indicators made in England.

Every manufacturer (Starrett, Teclock, Mitutoyo for example) has slightly different specs for their indicator backs. As a result, you will have to use the manufacturer's own. They are not interchangeable between manufacturers.

If you're not familiar with the difference between on-center and off-center lug backs, take a look at these diagrams. They speak words.


Compac (Swiss Mercer) indicator with optional lug back installed. The flat back has been removed.


on-center (left) and off-center (right)

The hole in the lug is 6.4 mm which equals .25". The dimensions given are metric (in millimeters) and correspond to the large (Ø 58 mm) indicators shown above.

The smaller models, with 40 mm diameter bezels, such as Compac 353E have a correspondingly smaller back but still have the quarter inch hole. There is also another difference: The small indicators do not have removable plastic backs. The indicators have a solid case. The optional lug back mounts directly onto the case using fours screws (not included). When you buy the small model lug backs, you will also receive four screws for this purpose. (Prices shown are valid until April 15, 2021. Parts are not always in stock and may require 4-6 weeks for delivery.)

Important: We do not ship internationally. Sales within the U.S. only.

Indicator Ø Back Type Model Type Order No. Price US$
58 mm Ø models Lug back on-center but not water proof 01460014 47.00 order now
58 mm Ø models Lug back off-center but not water proof 01460015 56.00 order now
58 mm Ø models set of 4 screws but not water proof 041995 15.20 order now
40 mm Ø models Lug back on-center including water-proof 01460008 68.00 order now
40 mm Ø models Lug back off-center including water-proof 01460009 102.00 order now
40 mm Ø models set of 4 screws including water-proof 039314 16.00 order now


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