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Mitutoyo .0001" Dial Indicator

Accurate, versatile, up-to-date dial indicators made in Japan. Guaranteed Genuine Mitutoyo when purchased from a Mitutoyo distributor.

Mitutoyo dial indicators are always up-to-date in their construction thanks to the manufacturer's constant innovations. Still, when you get right down to it, the dial indicator serves the same function it did 50 years ago.

The following Mitutoyo models can be recommended and will fit perfectly in the high-end shop environment as well as the basement hobby room or garage workshop.

These Group 2 dial indicators have bezels approximately 2-1/4" in diameter. They come with lug backs but many other types of backs can be ordered on page 219. The mounting stem is 3/8" in diameter and they can use any 4-48 thread contact point. A wide variety of contact point shapes, sizes and materials are shown on page 133.

These indicators all have an excellent accuracy of ±.0001" over the first .025" of their range. Accuracy changes slightly with extended ranges (more revolutions) but remains well within accepted standards for these kinds of gages. We list the overall total accuracy on the chart below.

The one-piece plastic bezel and crystal assembly is very easy to replace if/when the crystal becomes scratched or damaged. No special tools are required and you can find a list of replacement parts on page 72.

Note: Models (*) have reverse reading dials (counter clockwise).


Genuine .0001" Mitutoyo dial indicator

Erick Swivel Adapter is a fully American-made holder designed for use with lug back indicators.

Graduations Range Total accuracy Dial Back Model Price US$
.0001" .025" ± .0001" 0 – 10 lug 2802S-10 check price and stock
.0001" .025" ± .0001" 0 – 5 – 0 lug 2803S-10 check price and stock
.0001" .05" ± .0002" 0 – 10 lug 2804S-10 check price and stock
.0001" .05" ± .0002" 0 – 5 – 0 lug 2805S-10 check price and stock
.0001" .05" ± .0002" 10 – 0 lug 2905S-10 (*)
.0001" .05" ± .0002" 0 – 5 – 0 lug 2923S-10 (*) check price and stock
.0001" .25" ± .0005" 0 – 10 lug 2356S-10
.0001" .5" ± .0008" 0 – 10 lug 2358S-10 check price and stock


If you have questions or are unsure about ideal indicator ranges, dial configurations, stem diameters, etc. please take a look at page 139.

Caution: the Chinese are very good at creating imitations and they frequently flood the market with phoney Mitututoyo products. Always buy from an authorized Mitutoyo dealer. If you are buying through, be sure to look for the words: "sold by Amazon" and you will be reasonably sure to get the genuine article. If you are unsure about a third-party distributor, you can always call Mitutoyo for verification.

Mitutoyo 2803S-10 would be a suitable (and better) substitute for Federal C2I indicators. If you would like to see how the brands compare, take a moment to look at page 14.


Caution if buying from Amazon: their product images sometimes do not match the product description. Read carefully!

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