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Mitutoyo Test Indicator Attachments

Made by Mitutoyo, specifically for their own brand of test indicator. Most of these attachments will also fit other manufacturers' models. If you would like to see Swiss made indicator attachments, which will also fit most Mitutoyo models, please refer to page 36.

  • If you are specifically looking for contact points, you will find them listed on page 21.

Why do we keep writing "most models?" Because Mitutoyo makes one unusual indicator called "Pocket Type." It has a tubular body and roughly (very roughly) resembles the Starrett Last Word indicator. It does not have any dovetails so the regular stems and attachments have no way of being attached. You will have to be quite specific when ordering attachments for these Pocket Type indicators.

Companion Reference Guide for Test Indicators
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For test indicators with dovetails

The swivel clamp attaches to the dovetails of all indicators which have dovetails. This includes Starrett, BesTest, Compac, Interapid, Fowler, and even generic Chinese indicators. There are two holes in the clamp, of different diameters, and the clamp is tightened with a single thumb screw.

The following information is FOR REFERENCE ONLY

  • Swivel clamp Ø 4 mm and Ø 8 mm holes 900321
  • Swivel clamp Ø 5/32" and Ø 3/8" holes 900322
  • Holding bar 0.25" x 0.5" x 4" long 900306
  • Universal holder Ø 8 mm, 80 mm long 21CZA233 (old #901916)
Mitutoyo Swivel Clamp

Stem attachments with different diameters will fit any test indicator that has dovetails whether made by Mitutoyo or someone else. These come with a knurled nut which, when tightened, will firmly clamp the stem to the indicator. The usable length of the stem is 18 mm.

The following information is FOR REFERENCE ONLY

  • 4 mm diameter … 21CZB131
  • 6 mm diameter … (old 902803) 21CZB128
  • 8 mm diameter … (old 902804) 21CZB129
  • 9 mm diameter … (old 902805) 21CZB130
  • knurled nut is not sold separately
Mitutoyo Stem Attachment

For "pocket type" test indicators

The universal holder for the pocket type indicators such as model 513-518 (and the older 513-118) screws into the end of the indicator. It is not designed for a dovetail. A ball joint allows it to swivel to a desired position.

The following information is FOR REFERENCE ONLY

  • universal holder Ø 1/4", 84 mm long 901546
Mitutoyo Stem Attachment
  • spanner wrench (required to fasten holders onto body) 301336

Mounting stems screw directly into the end of the indicator. They come in different diameters and allow for easy, rigid mounting in other holders and magnetic bases.

The following information is FOR REFERENCE ONLY

  • rigid mounting stem 4 mm Ø 102036
  • rigid mounting stem 3/8" Ø 102081
  • rigid mounting stem 8 mm Ø 102822
  • spanner wrench (required to fasten stems to the indicator body) 301336
Mitutoyo Stem Attachment

Threaded mounting stem (illustrated above)


Caution if buying from Amazon: their product images sometimes do not match the product description. Read carefully!

Companion Reference Guide for Test Indicators
$19.50 Now available at

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