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Mitutoyo Series 511 dial bore gage

for blind hole measurement

Medidor de orificios - Vérificateur d'alésage

These extremely popular and mid-priced Mitutoyo dial bore gages have gaging heads with interchangeable anvils and carbide-tipped contacts. Each bore gage comes supplied with a .0005" dial indicator and all the anvils required for the range of the tool. Spacers are included for small adjustments to the range. Roller guides on larger models keep the measuring head centered in the bore. The measuring contact is carbide. All are included in a sturdy plastic case.


Dial Bore Gage 511-441 with range of .6 to 1.4" shown above.

Mitutoyo dial bore gage depth extensions

Extension rods are not available for this series of bore gages. The standard measuring depth is 150 mm (about 6") not taking the handle into account. The handle is about 4" long and this could, under some circumstances, be added to the overall depth range.

Check our brand comparison page for alternatives. Professional repair service is always available from Long Island Indicator Service (see page 30). Replacement parts are not available from us.


The centering device has been modified so that measurement can be made to within .1" of the bottom of a blind hole.

Manufacturer's Notes on Usage

"The bore gage is a comparative measurement instrument. This gage cannot function or perform as a [direct] measurement instrument if used alone. Before using this bore gage, adjust the zero point by using a ring gage, micrometer, gauge block, bore gage zero checker, or other device manufactured for this purpose." [content edited]

Many earlier models have been discontinued and are replaced by the ones shown on this page. Among the discontinued are: 511-441, 511-442, 511-443, 511-444, 511-409, 511-421, 511-401.


Avoid getting ripped off by imitation Mitutoyo gages. If you buy from Amazon, verify that it "ships from and [is] sold by" or buy your gages through an authorized Mitutoyo dealer, such as Long Island Indicator Service.

Measuring range Mitutoyo No. Probe depth Indicator Accuracy Price US$
.6" to 1.4" 511-428 6" .0005" .00016" inquire about price and availability
1.4" to 2.4" 511-429 6" .0005" .00016" inquire about price and availability
2" to 6" 511-430 6" .0005" .00016" inquire about price and availability

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