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Here's one of the best 1-inch dial indicators for your money:

Mitutoyo 2776S with .0005" graduations


Dial indicator model 2776S (formerly model 2776F) with a 1" range, reading in .0005" is, in our opinion, one of the best indicators for your money. It's consistently reliable, accurate and repairable.

This indicator has a permissible error of .0005" over its first 2-1/2 revolutions and ±.002" over its one inch range. The indicators we've seen astonishingly keep this tolerance to .0005" over the entire range.

The bezel diameter is about 2-1/4". It comes complete with lug back for secure fastening to magnetic stands, granite stands and fixtures. It features a new Mitutoyo innovation: two dovetails are integral with the outside of the metal case to which you can easily clamp any dovetail accessory, including the bezel clamp (included). If you want, the indicator can now be mounted to a stand or fixture directly from the case rather than the back or the stem. Tolerance markers are not included with this model. Made in Japan.

Idea: add a magnetic base stand to hold your dial indicator. An ideal combination for the shop and automotive work.

Do you need to go deeper than 1"? Use contact point extensions with your dial indicator. These will not increase the amount of travel, but they will extend the reach. See page 133.

Maintenance, inspection and repair: some hints


Do not oil the spindle. If it gets dirty, wipe it with a cloth and some alcohol.

Do not unscrew the top screw. The gears will disengage.

The indicator takes 4-48 thread contact points which you can change as needed. Additional points in all sizes and shapes are available on page 133.

When the plastic crystal is dirty, spray some Windex on a paper towel and then wipe the crystal clean.

Check the indicator periodically to make sure it's still accurate. Use gage blocks for this purpose. (see index for calibration instructions).

You'll risk losing the 1-year warranty if you mess with the indicator. If you suspect a warranty issue, contact Mitutoyo USA at +1-630-978-5385.

Should these models require cleaning or repair, you will probably be better off just buying a replacement. Any repair cost would probably approach the price of a new gage. See page 30 for repair details if you wish.


Replacing the bezel and crystal


The bezel and crystal are one unit, made of plastic (unfortunately!). It is held in place with a rubber o-ring. Pry the bezel loose with a broad bladed screw driver. Press the new bezel down, squarely, so the rubber o-ring snaps in place. You should be able to rotate the bezel freely. If there's too much friction, apply a bit of silicone-based lubricant to the o-ring.

  • New bezels are available from our spare parts list. See page 72.


1" travel Mitutoyo indicators


You have many options when it comes to Mitutoyo 1" travel indicators including the dial configuration, lug or flat back, jeweled or brass bearings, etc. Take a look at the following table and by all means, click on any of the model numbers to get more details, including current pricing and your discounted price.






Lug Back

Flat Back













economy model(1)







black dial (2)







jeweled bearings (3)







balanced dial (4)







reversed readings (5)


* The accuracy of these indicators is based on AGD specifications: accuracy is shown for the first 2-1/2 revolutions and ±.002" accurate over the entire 1" range.

(1) The economy model has brass bearings. After extensive repeated use, these bearings can start to wear out, but they are perfectly fine for daily use in the shop.

(2) Black dials, although stylish in appearance, are not always the easiest to read in our opinion.

(3) Jeweled bearings are recommended for indicators getting heavy, repeated use, as in a production line or in the inspection room. Only indicator models ending in -10 have jeweled bearings.

(4) Balanced dials are essential when the indicator is used for comparison measurement or final inspection.

(5) Reversed readings are used in dial depth gages and most dial bore gages.


Questions about your Mitutoyo dial indicator?


Q: I acquired a Mitutoyo 2414F-10 this week for use in measuring table saw runout and other miscellaneous woodworking measurements. I purchased the unit off eBay and appears to be in great condition. It was sold as new, but is missing the lug back and screws and the revolution counter dial is not zeroed out. Shouldn't this be zeroed out when the spindle is fully extended? It is positioned to the right of the "0" by about 1/8". When the spindle is retracted, it does count revolutions correctly, it just always is 1/8" behind the number on the dial.

  • A: If it were new, these would not be issues. It is possible that somewhere along the line someone cannibalized the gage and used the lug back on another indicator. The small hand should be slightly off from zero so that, once the large hand points to zero, the small hand will also. The large hand should be at about the nine-o’clock position when at rest. The fact that the small hand is not lined up properly does not automatically mean there is any internal damage. Make sure that the screw at the top of the spindle is tight. Sometimes that is loose and this can cause the hands to misalign.
  • To fix the problem, you can remove the bezel and attempt to force the small hand into position using tweezers or a small screwdriver for pushing. Often times, the hand is loose enough on the shaft that this will work. Be careful about using a lot of force since this could cause damage to the gears. If it does not budge, you will have to remove the hand and reposition it. This will require tools, unfortunately.


Looking for something that costs less?


Take a look at this pretty good Japanese-made Teclock 1-inch travel indicator that's cheap but better than Chinese. And, if you need more information on dial indicators, take a look at page 139.





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