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Mitutoyo Indicating Micrometer

These dial micrometers have been completely redesigned. It's a major improvement over last decade's model. Unlike the Swiss-made Etalon dial mike, these Mitutoyo micrometers are available with ranges up to 4 inches.

Indicating micrometers are designed for parts inspection and not for taking measurements. You will set the required dimension on the graduated thimble, lock the spindle in place, and then read deviations from zero on the dial.

This new generation features "water-proof" construction with rubber gaskets and rubber bellows on the lifting button and the movable anvil.

The lifting button retracts the anvil a small amount: enough for you to insert and remove the parts to be measured. When the new part is in place, release the button and you can once again take a reading on the dial. The lifting button is located on the right side of the body in the 0-1" model and on the left side on all the others (see photo).

The dial has a simple pair of movable tolerance markers just like other Mitutoyo indicators.

The indicating micrometer is designed for use as a comparator. It features a movable anvil which is retracted by pushing the lifting button. The micrometer spindle is operated like any micrometer. When you use it to set the required dimension, and lock it in place, you will be able to make parts comparisons using the dial. The pointer will show deviations.

These Mitutoyo indicating micrometers are an excellent alternative to the high-end Etalon or Mahr micrometers. We're surprised that they don't sell as well. As Roy said, "It's a beautiful machine!" and he ought to know: he's been repairing micrometers for more than 30 years.

Technical data - specifications
  • spindle graduation: .0001"
  • dial reading: .00005"
  • dial range (all models): ± .0023"
  • repeatability: .00002" (0,4µm)
  • flatness: .000012" (0,3µm)
  • parallelism: .00003" (0-1" and 1-2") and .00005" (others)
  • dial indication accuracy: 1µm
  • instrumental error: ± .0001" (±2µm)
  • spindle feed error: .00015" (3µm)
  • measuring force: 5 to 10N

Below we give you the links to online purchases at Amazon. But, we strongly urge you to consider getting these expensive items from a brick-and-mortar authorized Mitutoyo dealer. If you ever need technical assistance, parts or other supplies, you will be in better hands with a dealer who understands the product rather than an automated online e-store.


1-2" model 510-132 shown above. Note the rubber seals which go a long way in keeping grime and dust out of the movement when used for centerless grinding operations, for example. Replacement rubber bellows are available from the parts list on this page. They are easily replaced when worn or damaged.

Range Mitutoyo No. Graduations Dial Range Online Price US$ Purchase Order Price
0 – 1" 510-151 .00005" ± .0023" check price and stock inquire
1 – 2" 510-132 .00005" ± .0023" check price and stock inquire
2 – 3" 510-133 .00005" ± .0023" check price and stock inquire
3 – 4" 510-134 .00005" ± .0023" check price and stock inquire

If you're comparing measurements, then the accuracy of the dial is of importance. Mitutoyo claims that the dial is accurate to .00005". If you're using the micrometer spindle to set an absolute dimension, then spindle accuracy is also important. Used together, Mitutoyo claims a total instrumental error of ±.0001". For detailed instructions on micrometer calibration see our calibration procedures page.

Throat openings

The test piece needs to fit into the micrometer's throat. Dimensions are given for length (L) and depth (D).

  • 0-1" range: D=.98" L=1.24"
  • 1-2" range: D=1.50" L=2.22"
  • 2-3" range: D=1.97" L=3.21"
  • 3-4" range: D=2.48" L=4.19"

Carbide tipped anvils have a large diameter of 8mm (.31") on all models. When they're worn, scratched or chipped they can be relapped or replaced. A parts supporting anvil is available separately. (Narrower "pin anvils" are available on Etalon indicating micrometers.)

What will go wrong?

Being "water-proof" doesn't mean you can inspect parts in your bathtub. Parts comparison is usually done some distance from drooling and sputtering machines. Even so, micrometers are sent to us because coolants need to be cleaned out of a gummed-up micrometer. The rubber seals may slow the process, we can only guess. If the indicator is used under adverse conditions it will still suffer the consequences, eventually. We address other micrometer topics on our micrometers page. See page 29.

Micrometer Repair

Don't buy quality measuring tools if they can't be serviced. Fortunately, Mitutoyo gages are almost always repairable. Long Island Indicator is a dealer and repair service for all mechanical Mitutoyo indicators, dial thickness gages, micrometers, height gages, bore gages and calipers. With a large selection of spare parts always in stock we can offer quick and reliable service on many Mitutoyo gages. More micrometer repair information on page 30.

Micrometer stand

The Mitutoyo indicating micrometer is always used in conjunction with a micrometer stand, sold separately. The micrometer is clamped into the stand leaving both hands free to take measurements.

  • Mitutoyo 156-101-10 … check discount price and stock

This stand is made in China. The low price is a dead give-away. For a superior Swiss made micrometer stand, please refer to page 16 instead.


Caution if buying from Amazon: their product images sometimes do not match the product description. Read carefully!

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