Mitutoyo Dial Bore Gage for through holes
Series 511


These extremely popular Mitutoyo dial bore gages have gaging heads with interchangeable anvils and carbide-tipped contacts. Each bore gage comes supplied with a .0001" dial indicator and all the anvils required for the range of the tool. Spacers are included for small adjustments to the range. Roller guides on larger models keep the measuring head centered in the bore. The measuring contact is carbide.

Accuracy is .00008" and indication stability (which probably means repeatability - it's a new term for us) is .00004"

Optional extension rods can be attached for reaching into deep bores (see below for ordering information). These are considerably less expensive than other imported dial bore gages and, most significantly, they're usually in stock.

Mitutoyo bore gages are considerably less expensive than other quality dial bore gages. (You can find Chinese bore gages that cost even less but you should be forewarned that replacement parts will never be available for those gages.)

Important: the models shown on this page are not suitable for blind hole measurement. If you need to measure blind holes as opposed to through holes, please refer to page 56.

Check our brand comparison page for alternatives. Professional repair service is always available from Long Island Indicator Service (see page 30).


Dial Bore Gage .0001" with range of .7 to 1.4" shown above

Close-up of dial indicator in plastic housing. The mounting clamp and screw attaches the indicator to the bore measuring head.



Order no. (old number)

Measuring range

Probe depth


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.240" - .400"



additional information


.400" - .740"



additional information

511-751 (511-163)

.700" - 1.40"



additional information

511-752 (511-164)

1.40" - 2.50"



additional information

511-753 (511-166)

2.0" - 6.0"



additional information

511-932 (511-912)

special .70" to 6.0"

4" and 6"


additional information

511-754 (511-187)

4.0" - 6.5"



not available at this time

511-755 (511-188)

6.5" - 10.0"



additional information

511-756 (511-189)

10.0" - 16.0"



additional information

You may check for additional specifications. availability and discounted pricing by clicking above.


Mitutoyo dial bore gage extensions

Optional extensions: unscrew the measuring head from the bore gage body and insert the extension between the two pieces. As a result, the measuring depth is now the original depth plus the extension. For example, 511-753 has a measuring depth of 6". If you add the 10" extension (9.84" to be exact) you will then have a usable measuring depth of close to 16 inches. The following chart is for reference only.

Bore gage measuring range

Optional extension length

5 mm

250 mm

500 mm

750 mm

1 meter

.700" - 1.400"






1.400" - 6.500"






6.5" - 16"






Mitutoyo product description for series 511 dial bore gage

The Mitutoyo 511-212 Dial Bore Gauge for Small Holes has a measurement range of 0.24 to .4" and is accurate to + or - 0.0002". It is precise to 0.0001". This direct-measuring gauge uses a two-point contact system to detect geometry problems such as ovality and tape, and carbide-tipped contact points offer extended wear and improved abrasion resistance. A rugged cover protects the dial indicator.

Bore gauges measure holes, or bores, in a workpiece. They can measure the interior diameter of a hole at any depth, while internal micrometers can only measure to the depth of their teeth. Bore gauges are typically calibrated with a setting ring and come in two types: simple and direct-measuring. Simple bore gauges are used with a caliper to transfer the hole measurement, while the more complex gauges take the measurement directly, and display it through a vernier, dial, or digital display. Bore gauges have a two- or three-point contact, indicating how many points on the gauge head touch the inside of the bore. Two-point contacts are better at measuring ovality, while three-point contacts are used to measure lobing or triangular form error. Pistol-grip bore gauges are used for fast, single-handed operation with repeatable results from one operator to another. Bore gauges can also be used in special applications, such as measuring threads, spline pitch diameters, and deep bores.

Mitutoyo manufactures precision measuring tools, metrology equipment, and related systems. The company, founded in Tokyo in 1934, formed Mitutoyo America Corporation in 1963 with headquarters in Aurora, IL.

this product description is provided by Mitutoyo USA


Mitutoyo Bore Gage Zero Checker

Although custom made setting rings are the preferred method because they have the same circular geometry, an easier solution for setting your dial bore gage or digital bore gage is to use the Mitutoyo Zero Checker.

You will require a set of gage blocks to equal the dimension you intend to measure. The gage blocks will be used to set the Zero Checker and then it is an easy task to set your bore gage to the same dimension.

Setting the bore gage dial to "zero" will then allow you to compare your work piece where any deviation from zero will be readable in the plus or minus direction.

You could also use the Zero Checker to calibrate the bore gage, again using gage blocks where you will need a block for the upper and lower end of the range for each contact point used with the bore gage. It may not be the ideal way to calibrate your bore gage but it will work within reason.

Gage blocks will have to be bought separately. See page 164

Mitutoyo 515-590

Mitutoyo Steel Rectangular Gage Block Set, ASME Grade 0, 0.05 - 0.95" Length (81 Blocks)




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