Mitutoyo 2" travel dial indicator

Mitutoyo has recently changed the model number from 2424S-10 to 2424S-19. These new "made in Japan" indicators are well built, have jeweled, shock-proof movements and replace the ones that were briefly made in USA.

Long range indicators are more susceptible to damage. You can understand that, if the long spindle is bent out of shape even slightly, it won't function any longer. No amount of trying to straighten it will help. Not to worry, repairs are possible but not always economical.

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Mitutoyo model 2424S-19

  • .001" graduations

  • 2" travel

  • accurate to ±.001" over its entire range

  • jeweled and shock-proof movement

  • lug back included

  • 3/8" diameter stem

  • 4-48 contact point

  • concentric revolution counter

  • dial reads in both directions

  • repairable and parts available

  • made in Japan

  • Check discounted Internet price

Precautions: don't, don't, don't...

Have you heard the announcements made at airport terminals lately? It sounds like a parent scolding their 2-year old... don't do this, don't do that, don't even think about...

Here are some "don'ts" which you ought to consider:

  • Don't let the spindle slip when you've got it depressed. If it pops out quickly, you'll damage the gears.
  • Don't apply sideways force to the spindle. Bending it even slightly will make the indicator useless.
  • If the indicator is dropped or banged about, check it carefully before continuing with your work.
  • Make sure that you've got good repeatability in your set up. If the hands don't return precisely to the same spot, check for problems.
  • Make sure the contact point is screwed in securely.
  • Make sure the back is tightly screwed.
  • Mount the indicator only with the lower stem, or the lug back. If you're clamping the stem, don't over tighten because you'll squash the stem and the spindle will stick.
  • Mount the indicator in an upright position. Gravity is used to get the spindle to come down to its zero position. The manufacturer does not claim that this indicator will work horizontally or - forget about it - upside down. Some folks refer to this kind of indicator as a "drop indicator" because, when held upright, the spindle "drops" down.
  • Use a good quality, rigid holder to mount the indicator. To check the rigidity, apply light pressure to the indicator case and check to see that the hand returns to the initial position. If the hand moves, then you'll need to modify your set up.
  • If the temperature changes often, you should calibrate often.
  • If you remove the spindle stop, located at the top of the spindle, the gears may disengage and you're out of luck.
  • Finally, don't leave baggage unattended at the airport.

Maintenance and repairs

  • Wipe the spindle with a cloth and alcohol, if it's dirty or gummy. Do not oil the spindle since this only attracts more grime. Do not immerse the indicator in solvents. Do not pour solvents into the interior of the indicator in an effort to "clean it." Let us do that.
  • If the crystal needs cleaning, spray some Windex on a paper towel, and then wipe. If the Windex doesn't do the trick experiment with a stronger cleaner. If that doesn't work, you can always replace the plastic crystal with a new one.
  • Have the indicator inspected and calibrated periodically. Determine this schedule based on the amount and kind of use the indicator gets. Many people do it only once a year and that seems foolish to us. It ought to be done every day before starting work.
  • The manufacturer's one year warranty is void if the indicator has been tampered with or repairs have been attempted. But, you knew that already.

Additional indicator information is available: Some Things to Consider.

Do you need a magnetic base?

There are cheap ones on the market and we would avoid those. Made in China, need we say more? They are frustrating to use. Mitutoyo makes a good magnetic base and it makes sense to use theirs along with a Mitutoyo indicator. Take a look at our page devoted to the magnetic base.

Interapid (Swiss) makes high quality indicator stands which you can use on a surface plate in an inspection room. They are designed for serious work and come with a serious price tag. Take a look at our Interapid page even if only for the fun of it. After all, you would check out a Lamborghini if it were in a show room, wouldn't you?

Do you need a longer reach? or a different shape contact point?

Use contact point extensions with your dial indicator in order to get a longer reach. These will not increase the amount of travel, but they will extend the reach.

A large selection of different shape contact points can be installed. We also have points with non-scratch nylon surfaces. Take a look at our contact points page.

Do you need information?

How to calibrate dial indicators? What kind of contact point to use? How to clean? Is there a better model? These and scores of other topics are covered on this web site and can be located in our ABC index.


Avoid getting ripped off by imitation Mitutoyo gages. If you buy from Amazon, verify that it "ships from and [is] sold by" or buy your gages through an authorized Mitutoyo dealer, such as Long Island Indicator Service.

There is no question that Amazon can offer you the best prices on almost every kind of precision measuring tool. They also offer easy no-questions-asked returns and often free shipping. The small distributor simply cannot compete. That's why we include this link so you can go directly to Amazon and see what they're offering.

Two things to consider:

  • Amazon product photos sometimes don't match the product description. It's the description that you want to pay attention to.
  • There are imitation gages on the market (specifically Mitutoyo) and you can make sure you are getting the real item by looking for the words "sold by Amazon". If it is sold by a third party, you might want to call Mitutoyo to find out if they are legitimate distributors.

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