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Mitutoyo Digital Thickness Gage with SPC output

This hand held digital thickness gage with ceramic anvils will accurately measure thicknesses of paper, film, sheets of metal, plastic, fabric, etc. as well as round or cylindrical objects in metal and wood working, biological and research situations. If you choose, the SPC output to printers or computers make data collection quick and simple.

These gages are not "water proof" and care must be taken to keep liquid sprays away from them. The anvils are flat, 10 mm diameter, top and bottom. They can not be exchanged or replaced. This particular gage has a somewhat larger measuring range than most other models.

As of 2014, these models have the letter "S" appended to them. You can avoid getting ripped off with a Chinese Mitutoyo imitiation by purchasing only from authorized Mitutoyo distributors. Be particularly careful when ordering "too good to be true" versions of these on eBay.


New models with Mitutoyo's ID-S type digital indicator.

  • flat 10 mm diameter ceramic anvils (top and bottom) are not interchangeable
  • inch / metric conversion with the push of a button
  • less than 1.5N measuring force
  • convenient origin setting at any point
  • plus/minus direction switching
  • SPC output: to connect these to your printer or computer, use cable 905338 or 905409 (see below)
  • battery SR44 included (20,000 hours). Genuine silver oxide replacement battery.

For more thickness measuring options (non-digital, deeper throats, wider anvils, etc.) see page 12.


We have only one remaining older model 547-500 which is available for $109.00. It is guaranteed genuine. order now

SPC output

For output to your computer you will need an optional USB cable. These indicators work perfectly well even if you don't use the SPC feature.

  • 905338 SPC cable 40" long … $39.00 order now
  • 905409 SPC cable 80" long … $49.00 order now
Range Resolution Throat Depth Accuracy Model No. Price US$
0-.47" (0-12 mm) .0005" (0.01 mm) 30 mm ±.001" 547-500S check price and availability
0-.47" (0-12 mm) .0005" (0.01 mm) 120 mm ±.001" 547-520S check price and availability
0-.47" (0-12 mm) .0001" (0.001 mm) 30 mm ±.0002" 547-526S check price and availability


Caution if buying from Amazon: their product images sometimes do not match the product description. Read carefully!

Companion Reference Guide for Test Indicators
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