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TESA 18.20009 Tesatast Test Indicator with Extra Long Contact Point

TESA, an ISO 9001 company, located in Renens, Switzerland, is the manufacturer of high-quality precision measuring tools, both mechanical and electronic. Tesa manufactures the following brand names: Interapid, Etalon, Compac, Standard, Brown & Sharpe, Roch and Mercer, among others.

While most TESA gages are of Swiss origin, some products have different countries of origin, including Germany, the USA and China. Information on many of their mechanical gages can be found at this site indexed according to their brand names. Please refer to the index.

Long Island Indicator Service is an authorized sales and repair service for TESA products.




TESA metric dial calipers


TESA digital electronic calipers

Test Indicator


Tesatast test indicator



Tesamaster metric or inch micrometer with digital counter


Isomaster metric or inch micrometer

A note about "made in Switzerland"


If it's a mechanical test indicator made in Switzerland, chances are we have the spare parts in stock. These gages can easily be refurbished to meet the manufacturer's original specifications. Oddly, if the item is of hybrid origin with at least 60% Swiss stock, it will be labeled as "made in Switzerland.

A note about "made in England"


TESA does not provide spare parts for their relatively inexpensive and discontinued made-in-England dial indicators with the Brown & Sharpe brand name. These can't be repaired at this time and must be considered expendable. The Mercer indicators which used to be made in England are now made in Switzerland and are identical to Compac indicators.

A note about Mauser


Mauser calipers are part of the Tesa manufacturing complex, currently being fabricated in France. Mauser items are generally unavailable in the USA.

A note about Hexagon something-or-other


The parent company of TESA is Hexagon SA of Stockholm, Sweden, with headquarters in the U.K. This company, apparently restless with its own image, changed its name to Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence in 2016. The year before that it was called Hexagon Metrology.

International Sales


TESA has distributors located in many countries throughout the world. It will be to your benefit to try and find a local distributor of TESA products.

  • Australia: there are currently no distributors in Australia
  • Brazil: Tel. (11) 5512 0950
  • United Kingdom: enquiry.uk@hexagonmetrology.com
  • Japan: tesainfo@tesabns.co.jp
  • India: kishor.kumar@hexagonmetrology.com
  • Hong Kong: TESA Precision Technology send inquiry



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Compac Test Indicator Repair Manual … page 194
Mitutoyo Test Indicator Repair Manual … page 102

New! Companion Reference Guide for Test Indicators … page 178


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