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Teclock Dial Indicator

Teclock has been the manufacturer of a wide variety of precision gages for over 50 years. The accuracy of these made-in-Japan dial indicators is comparable to European-made gages even if the workmanship and durability are lacking. The economical prices of these gages make them ideal for short runs or as throw-aways. If damaged, you may have no other option but to replace them. Teclock models are usually not repairable.

  • All inch models (AI) use imperial 4-48 thread contact points and have 3/8" diameter stems.
  • Metric models (KM,TM) use metric M2.5 thread contact points and have 8mm diameter stems.

A note about Teclock

Very few Teclock gages are currently available. If you're looking for anything other than the most common indicators shown on this page you're probably out of luck. The only Teclock distributors in the USA are the major catalog houses such as MSC, J&L, and Travers. In Canada it's Thomas Skinner & Son. If your tool isn't in their catalog, it isn't available.

There is little or no customer support in the US for any Teclock gage and spare parts are nearly impossible to obtain (no one stocks them).

We usually suggest to our customers that they buy equivalent models made by Mitutoyo or Brown & Sharpe when it comes time to replace an old or damaged Teclock gage. This way they'll have reliable customer support, repair service and spare parts for years to come.


Repairs of Teclock gages will not be possible. No one imports spare parts. Even if they did, these gages are "economically" priced and repair costs would undoubtedly exceed the cost of a new gage.

AGD Group 2

Indicators in this group have a dial diameter approx. 2.2" Includes lug mount back. A bezel clamp and two tolerance markers are provided which you must install yourself. Model AI-921B features a black dial while model AI-921, by far the most popular, has a white dial and shock-proof movement. Model AI-922 is the same as AI-921 but it has a balanced 0-50-0 dial. Model AI-921N contains unreliable plastic parts and is discontinued. You'll want to replace it with AI-921 which has all metal components.

Teclock indicators are often disguised with vanity dials such as SPI. Some of the models offered below will have the SPI logo on the dial. Other than the name, the indicators are identical.

Note: replacement indicators for Teclock dial bore gages are not available at this time. Other manufacturers' indicators will not fit the Teclock bore gages. We strongly urge you to think twice before investing in Teclock dial bore gages.

If your model is not listed, or no longer available check for replacement models. Each model is available with white or black dials.

Teclock 2

Teclock AI-951 with 2" range does not have tolerance markers. If you are ordering from Amazon, check the description carefully since their photos don't always match.

Teclock Model Range Dial Graduations Accuracy Price US$
AI-921 (PDI-2) 1" 0-100 (white) .001" ±.0014" check price and discount
AI-921B (PDI-2BF) 1" 0-100 (black) .001" ±.0014" check price and discount
AI-951 (PDI-4) 2" 0-100 (white) .001" ±.0032" check price and discount
AI-951B (PDI-4BF) 2" 0-100 (black) .001" ±.0032" check price and discount

AGD Group 1

Smaller dial diameter approx. 1.4" includes lug mount back. A bezel clamp and two tolerance markers are provided which you must install yourself. A lug back with 1/4" hole is part of the indicator's body.

These indicators can only be ordered online. Please click the "check discount" links below to see the most current discounted internet price.

Teclock Model Range Dial Graduations Accuracy Price US$
AI-935 (PDI-6) .25" 0-100 (white) .001" ±.0014" check price and discount


Caution if buying from Amazon: their product images sometimes do not match the product description. Read carefully!

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