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Companion Reference Guide for Test Indicators

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We can recommend the following tools and supplies because we use them ourselves in the repairs of test indicators, dial bore gages, micrometers, calipers, etc.

You may very well ask yourself why do we show you these tools when we don't actually sell them? Consider it a reference page. You will probably find these items at retail watchmakers' supply stores. We've even included some part numbers which may make searching easier.


Very fine and sharp tweezers for the smallest parts. Invaluable when dealing with hair springs, hands, pinions and those tiny Interapid dial screws. They're non-magnetic and made for watchmakers in Switzerland.

EURO TOOL (TWZ-302.18) Anti-Magnetic Hi Tech Dumont 3C Tweezers

These Dumont tweezers are also available in an assortment of lengths and point thickness. It would not be a bad idea to have several on hand so that you can save the extra fine point tweezers for delicate work on the hair springs.



VIS Jeweler's screwdrivers made in Switzerland (shown above). 9 different color coded sizes of all the smallest screwdrivers you'll need. This set comes with 19 spare blades and a carousel holder. There's a screwdriver here for every screw you're likely to encounter, including those tiny Interapid dial screws.

  • temporarily unavailable




Pin vises. Set of 6 Swiss made pin and hand vises with 12 different size collets will accept diameters up to .140" Once you've got them firmly clamped, small objects are easy to work on. The pin vise can also be inserted into the chuck of a lathe for polishing and customizing bore gage contacts, for example. These tools are indispensable on our work benches.

  • Best Swiss quality no. 98-589-5 ... currently unavailable

A less expensive alternative would be these Starrett pin vises. You will have a somewhat smaller selection but it may be suitable none-the-less.


Crystal Press This hand operated press will allow you to quickly and easily insert crystals into bezels on test indicators (except B&S and Tesa) and dial indicators up to 2-1/4" diameter.

Refer to page 233 for photo and further instructions.

Parallel Pin Punches: these are the Swiss-made punches we use to remove the hair spring studs from the Compac and Bestest movements; the pressed ball bearings from Bestest bodies; and the Interapid mounting stem bushing, for example. The 6 piece set has sizes ranging from approximately 2 mm to 7 mm. These heat treated, chrome vanadium steel punches are chrome plated and we've been using ours for over 40 years. check pricing and stock


Swiss Miniature Broach Set (Reamers)
equarrissoirs assortis - Sortierte Reibahlen - escariadores surtidos

cza003To custom fit hands onto pinions and gears in dial indicators, test indicators and dial calipers, you will have to use a broach (reamer) to enlarge the pinion slightly for a tight fit that won't come loose.

We offer a set of twelve stainless steel Swiss-made broaches suitable for diameters from .33 mm to 1.04 mm which should take care of most jobs. They're the ones we use on our own repair bench.

  • BG1896C (check with a watch and clock supply store)

hand lifters 

Hand Lifters: these are the Swiss-made hand lifters we've been using for the past 50 years. They will allow you to lift off any size hand although it can be a bit tricky sometimes to get underneath the tiny counter hands on indicators such as the Interapid. They work on a leverage principle. You simply press down on each of the two lifters and, if the front ends are properly placed under the collet, the hand comes off. If they're stubborn, a gentle "snap" will usually work. These lifters are much more reliable and useful than the spring loaded contraptions often used in the watch industry.

  • BG30011 Hand Lifter (sorry, we can no longer supply this item)


We find that a room dehumidifier is an absolute necessity, even in an air-conditioned environment. Although more and more parts are made of non-rusting materials, the presence of humidity can quickly ruin your investment in spare parts and tools. We run ours over the summer months whenever the humidity rises above 50%. You will have to get into the habit of emptying the water every day because the machine will shut off when the tray is full. When the machine shuts off, it is not doing its job. We do not sell this item but offer a link below which will allow you to find a dehumidifier best suited for you.

Moebius Synthetic Oil 9010/2 - Swiss Made

Synthetic Swiss watch oil is ideal for the bearings on test and dial indicators. This is what we use. Synthetic oil does not deteriorate over the years. It never gets gummy and does not have chemical reactions with metal or plastic parts. Use just the tiniest amount on your bearings and pinions. One vial will last for hundreds of repairs.



Bergeon Swiss Made Black Extra Fine Tip Oiler

This Bergeon Swiss bearing oiler allows us to put very small amounts of synthetic watch oil onto the jeweled bearings, ball bearings and other hard to reach places. It is simply a fine pin which you dip into your oil vial to pick up a drop. You will not be wasting expensive oil and you will not be over-lubricating


Brass Scratch Brush

We use this adjustable brass wire scratch brush for removing rust and stubborn grime in tight places. Using this pencil style brush gives you great control so that you do not accidentally harm nearby parts. They are also available with steel or nylon brushes which may also come in handy on occasion.



Metal watchmaker's anvil (about 1-1/4" by 1-3/4") on which we do most of our critical work including the installation of hair springs on the gears and pinions. Various slots and holes on the upper surface (shown on the right) come in very handy for staking. See more by clicking here.


The rawhide hammer is used to remove dents in bezels and to straighten and remove dings from metal dials. It gets regular use in our shop. See more by clicking here.


It is common practice to periodically run an indicator through a demagnetizer. Residual magnetism can cause a gage to stick at times, especially if the indicators are used around sources of magnetic fields (spinning metal, for instance). Place the indicator inside the opening, press the power button, and pull out slowly for about 8 inches. If your indicator contains magnetizable metal, you will feel a buzzing and resistance as you pull out. See more by clicking here.

Channellock 526 6.5-Inch Slip Joint Plier

These Channellock slip joint pliers are a convenient size for us and they are made in the USA, with a "life-time" guarantee. Fortunately we don't often have to resort to large scale torque during an indicator repair, but they are used regularly for micrometers and bore gages.

Craftsman 8 Pc Screwdriver Set, Phillips & Slotted, Made In USA

The Craftsman (made in USA) screw drivers have served us well over the past 50 years. This collection, including the Philips (used for Mitutoyo repairs), will be more than sufficient.

VM&P Naphtha

Naphtha is our cleaner and de-greaser of choice. It dries very quickly without any residue. Compressed air makes drying even faster (just a few seconds). We keep two bowls–full at hand. The one is reserved for a final "dip" after the parts have been thoroughly cleaned in the other bowl. This is helpful in removing the last bit of oil from hair springs and makes them work like new. Keep the bowls covered since Naphtha evaporates. Caution: Naphtha does not get along with some plastics but we have not found any issues with any of the plastics used by today's gage manufacturers.

Square Abrasive File Sharpening Stones - ff44 4x1/2" india square file


Square abrasive "India" stones are used specifically for Starrett Last Word indicator repairs. We use the fine grade FF44 but occasionally need the medium grade as well.


Anti-Seize Compound, 12 oz., Silver/Gray, Paste


Instead of grease, when needed, we use this Anti-Seize compound. We use it regularly on micrometer and bore gage repairs and in certain instances, on indicators as well. One jar will last just about forever without drying out.





BesTest and TesaTast Indicator Repair Manual … page 177
Starrett 711 Last Word Indicator Repair Manual … page 199
Interapid Indicator Repair Manual … page 208
Compac Test Indicator Repair Manual … page 194
Mitutoyo Test Indicator Repair Manual … page 102

New! Companion Reference Guide for Test Indicators … page 178

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