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We are proud to be a Brown & Sharpe and TESA worldwide certified service partner

"We are open for business and prepared to repair your gages. Find out how. Thank you for your support."

Roy Meyer and team

Professional Repair Service since 1959

Our family has been repairing test indicators and dial indicators since 1959 and, with a third generation in training, we have no intention to stop. It gives us great pleasure to return damaged gages back to full working order.

Why don't we repair calipers and other gages? We don't want to spread ourselves thin. Remember the addage: "Jack of All trades, Master of None"? We would rather excel at indicator repairs with a zero rejection rate and a focus on satisfied customers than trying to please everyone in the industry with slow and mediocre work.

That's our dad in the photo, taken while he was working at Alina Corporation in Plainview, New York, around 1963.

Where to send

Our address in the USA (no international orders, please):

Long Island Indicator Service
14 Sarah Drive
Hauppauge NY 11788

  • Print out a PACKING LIST which you can include with your shipment.

Sorry... we cannot accept any international orders or shipments at this time.

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