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Professional Gage Repair Service since 1959
micrometer, bore gage, indicator and caliper repair

Our family has been repairing test indicators, dial indicators, dial bore gages and micrometers since 1959 and, with a third generation in training, we have no intention to stop. It gives us great pleasure to return damaged gages back to full working order.

Your gages will be repaired and refurnished as follows

  • total disassembly
  • cleaning of all parts with appropriate cleaners
  • inspection of all parts under high magnification
  • repair or replacement of all worn or damaged parts (those parts which are necessary for the full functioning of the gage)
  • lapping and/or grinding of micrometer faces to bring them to specs
  • lubrication with appropriate lubricants
  • reassembly
  • inspection for functionality
  • calibration using equipment and standards certified traceable to NIST
  • your satisfaction is guaranteed upon return of gage or we'll issue credit, refund or rework as per your instructions

Current turn-around time

Asking for quotes or asking us to call you for information, or asking us to ship FedEx can add several days to delivery.

You are welcome to send repairs at any time. Repairs will be processed in the order in which they were received. When your gage is okayed for repair, you can expect the following turnaround times:

  • test indicators, dial indicators: 2 weeks
  • dial bore gages, Blake Co-Ax indicators: turn-around times: 2 weeks
  • mechanical micrometers and Etalon indicating micrometers: 4 weeks
  • Repair times are estimates and are updated frequently

What we can repair

We offer expert repair service on many types of mechanical precision measuring instruments. Among others:

  • chamfer gage (made by Barcor for Starrett, SPI, MSC and others)
  • Co-Ax indicators (made by Blake only)
  • depth micrometer (B&S, Mitutoyo)
  • dial bore gage (Alina, Compac, Interapid, Dorsey, Standard, Sunnen, Mitutoyo)
  • digital calipers (Mitutoyo only)
  • dial depth gage (Mitutoyo, Kafer)
  • dial indicator (Compac, Mercer, Mitutoyo)
  • dial thickness gage (Mitutoyo)
  • dial caliper groove gage (Interapid IRA2)
  • indicating (dial) micrometer (Etalon, Mitutoyo)
  • micrometer (Tesa, Brown & Sharpe, Etalon, Mitutoyo)
  • test indicator (Compac, Interapid, Tesatast, Bestest, Mitutoyo)  

Print out a PACKING LIST which you can include with your shipment.

What we can not repair

We don't carry spare parts or we just have a dislike for some of these brands, so please do not send the following: (you may find other repair shops which specialize in these gages by checking page 76)

  • Dial calipers any brand (six inch models are not economical)
  • Alina (with the exception of Alina dial bore gages)
  • Craftsman
  • Helios calipers and height gages
  • Kanon calipers and height gages
  • Peacock indicators, bore gages, etc.
  • NSK calipers
  • Starrett gages of any kind*
  • Fowler and Sylvac products
  • Teclock gages of any kind
  • Anything made in China.
  • SPI gages made in India (such as hole mikes)
  • S-T (Scherr-Tumico)
  • Height gages of any kind
  • High-end electronic gages (probes)

*Why don't we repair Starrett gages? It's because we are not authorized Starrett dealers or distributors and do not have ready access to spare parts. Starrett de-authorized us some years back, without explanation.

Calibration Certificates NIST Traceable


All repaired gages are calibrated with NIST traceable standards or measuring equipment.

On request, short-form Certificates of Calibration are included free with all test indicator and dial indicator repairs.

On request we can also provide a long-form Calibration Certificate from an accredited laboratory with NIST traceability for indicators, micrometers, or calipers. There's a $95 fee for this certificate and it will add about 10 days to the turn-around time.

Your gages will be certified that they have been calibrated using standards and equipment which are traceable to NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology). Our certificates are designed in conformance with ISO/IEC Guide 25.

We DO NOT provide calibration for gage blocks, ring gages or other standards. Those items should be sent to a local calibration lab. Let us know if you need help finding one.


2017 Fixed Rate Repair Costs


Our Fixed Rate prices are for a completely refurbished instrument as described at the top of this page. The price includes labor and replacement of damaged parts. We will charge you separately for any parts that are missing and for the replacement contact points on test indicators. Please allow us the right to return any gage not repared for reasons such as extensive damage, obsolete models, unavailable parts, lack of know-how, etc.

The fixed costs shown below do not include replacement of parts which are missing. Be sure to send all parts along with the gages in the event that they have fallen off or have been disassembled.


Dial Calipers & Digital Calipers

  • we no longer repair calipers (any brand)
  • dial caliper crystal replacement only ... $35 click here (include a copy of your receipt with the shipment)
  • For some hints on do-it-yourself caliper repair refer to page 44.

Test Indicators

  • Bestest indicators ... $95 fixed cost
  • Compac single revolution indicators ... $95 fixed cost
  • Compac multiple revolution indicators ... $125 fixed cost
  • Interapid test indicators (Swiss) ... $125 fixed cost
  • Mahr test indicators (current models) ... $115 fixed cost
  • Mercer test indicators (Swiss) ... $115 fixed cost
  • Mitutoyo test indicators ... $85 fixed cost
  • Tesatast indicators ... $95 fixed cost
  • new carbide points are not included and cost $15.60 extra if needed or requested
  • crystal replacement only (no other work done) upon request ... $35

Dial Indicators (up to 1" range)

  • Compac dial indicators ... 40% of current list price
  • Federal .001" and .0005" ... by quote only
  • Federal .0001" ... by quote only
  • Kafer dial indicators ... by quote only
  • Mercer (Swiss) dial indicators ... by quote only
  • Mitutoyo .001" and .0005" ... $95 fixed cost
  • Mitutoyo .0001" ... $115 fixed cost
  • Water-proof models add $35
  • crystal replacement only (no other work done) upon request ... $35

Dial Indicators (Mitutoyo and Kafer long range)

  • 2" ... $150
  • 3" ... $160

Micrometers (mechanical—most models) lapping—if required—included

  • 0-1" ... $95
  • 1-2" ... $130
  • specialty and digital micrometers by quote only
  • "lapping only" service is not available

Indicating Micrometers (Etalon and Mitutoyo dial micrometers)

  • starting at $290 (by quote only)

Digital micrometers (Mitutoyo)

  • by quote only (Mitutoyo models only)

Dial Bore Gages (Compac, Interapid, Alina, Mitutoyo, Sunnen, Standard Gage, Dorsey)

  • starting at $250 (by quote only)

Co-Ax indicators, Intrimiks, etc.

  • starting at $180 (by quote only)

Chamfer Gages (all brands except Chinese)

  • fixed price at $180

Chinese gages of any kind*

  • $380,000.99 (*dealer surcharges apply)



Free Repair Quotes


Send your instruments along with shipping papers requesting a repair quote. We'll be able to e-mail you a quote as soon as the instrument arrives. Be sure to include your e-mail. Keep in mind, a repair can proceed faster if quotes are not required. With the exception of the fixed repair costs listed above, we will not make any repairs in excess of 40% of the published cost of a new instrument without obtaining the owner's permission.


Print out a PACKING LIST which you can include with your shipment.


Warranty Repairs


Long Island Indicator Service is authorized to perform warranty repairs on Compac, Etalon, Tesa, Bestest and Interapid gages. These items have a 1-year manufacturer's warranty. If they malfunction through no fault of your own, please send them along with proof of purchase (an invoice) and an explanation of the problem. We'll contact you as soon as we receive the items.

How about warranties on our repair services? It's simple: your satisfaction is guaranteed. If within 90 days of invoicing the gage malfunctions again through no fault of your own, we'll repair it again or issue credit, whichever you prefer.




It is the customer's responsibility to perform final inspection and verify accuracy before using any repaired gage.

The customer will most certainly want to know the extent of any reading errors which have to be taken into consideration when using these gages for precision work.

Although the gages may leave our premises in top-notch condition, we can not be held responsible for gages going out of calibration during the stress and turmoil of shipment. This applies even in cases where calibration certificates are supplied.


What they say about us


Here are some testimonials that make us feel good and should give you the necessary confidence to send your repairs our way. (You may also see the occasional gripe which doesn't make us feel real good but teaches us to work harder.)


What we say about ourselves


It's hard to keep from bragging or exaggerating but we have posted some brief bios about the folks who make up Long Island Indicator Service on page 38.


Need more details?


Shipping instructions, credit card submission, opening an account, etc. can be found at page 26.



Coming Soon: Long Island Indicator Companion Reference Book, 2nd Edition

BesTest and TesaTast Indicator Repair Manual … page 177
Starrett 711 Last Word Indicator Repair Manual … page 199
Interapid Indicator Repair Manual … page 208
Compac Test Indicator Repair Manual … page 194
Mitutoyo Test Indicator Repair Manual … page 102

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