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Magnetic Indicator Holder

We've done away with the cheap Chinese magnetic bases because it isn't always easy to make indicators fit. Chinese tolerances are measured with chop sticks, it seems. But, consider this magnetic base... you'll be glad you spent the extra bucks:

This Mitutoyo magnetic base is made in Brazil—it's a definite step up in quality. You'll notice that indicators fit easily, without a lot of tugging and pushing and yanking, which is a plus if changes are often made.

Mitutoyo magnetic stands have a 6" horizontal rod with a fine-adjustment knob. The clamps will hold your dial indicator by the standard 1/4" lug back or by the 8 mm and 3/8" diameter stem. To use the 3/8" holder, simply remove the inserted bushing. The bushing will be needed if you have to mount an 8 mm metric indicator, so keep it in a safe place. Holding the dial indicator by the stem rather than the lug back gives you the greatest rigidity and better accuracy as a result.

Test indicators can also be held with 3/8" stem, 5/32" or 4 mm stem adapters. These stem adapters are designed to clamp onto the dovetails of your indicator. They are not included with the magnetic stand, but chances are you already have one or more of these. They're included with most new indicators. (See attachments on page 36 if you don't.) Interapid test indicators will fit without any additional adapters required. Compac, Tesatast and Bestest come with the required adapters.

This 3/8" stem holding feature is a major difference between this Mitutoyo and the cheap Chinese magnetic bases you'll see offered in any discount catalog. An on-off switch releases the 132 pound-force of the magnet without damaging the work surface. The bottom of the magnet is V-shaped.

To attach the 1/4" lug back from your dial indicator, unscrew the knurled knob at the end of the clamp. Insert the lug back and replace the washer and knurled knob. With a little trial and error you'll easily enough figure out how the other stems get attached.

A word to the wise

If you have a magnetic base with a flat bottom it should be used on a horizontal surface. If you're tempted to stick it on a vertical or a slant, sooner or later you'll knock it off and down will come base, indicator and all. The magnet is strong and it will hold but it's the sudden jolt when you bump into it that can cause trouble. Consider yourself warned.


New Model 7011S-10 with 6" fine adjustment rod

  • Your Purchase Order Price $169.00 … order now

Please note that 7011BN was identical to 7010SN. The manufacturer used these numbers interchangeably.

  • The upright post is 7" and the overall height from base to top is 9-1/4".
  • The new stand, right out of the box, comes soaked in oil. Clean this off first before the whole thing slides out of your hands.
  • Made in Brazil where the newest generation of high quality gages is being produced. We're impressed and you'll find that spending the extra dollars will be well worth it.

Articulated Magnetic Indicator Stand

What does "articulating" mean? It is like those double jointed circus performers who get themselves all twisted up in painful looking positions. After you arrange the arms on these magnetic stands into the positions you want, you simply tighten the one large knob to lock everything in place.

Mitutoyo is pleased to reintroduce the Series 7, Universal Articulating Magnetic Stands for probes and indicators with the announcement of two new sized models. In addition to the already popular 7033B magnetic stand, Mitutoyo America will now offer two, smaller, more compact options. All models offer high quality articulating rods and handle locks with 8 adjustable locations to ensure, flexible, rapid and secure positioning. Other features include:

  • A quick-release on/off clamping switch
  • A magnetic clamping force up to 600N to ensure instrument security and stability
  • Highly durable locking mechanisms
  • A holding stem with 3/8", ø 6.0 mm, ø 8.0 mm and dovetail positions for secure fixturing of various probes and indicators
Mitutoyo articulated magentic indicator stand

Mitutoyo 7032B shown above

Mitutoyo no. Height Maximum articulation radius Discounted Internet Price
7032B 339 mm (~13 inches) 260 mm check discount price
7033B 431 mm (~17 inches) 352 mm check discount price


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