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Before they are all consigned to local landfills, we would like to create a photo archive of vintage, antique and obsolete measuring tools of the 20th Century. If you have any photos you would like to submit for this project, please contact us by e-mail.


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Brown & Sharpe No.1 micrometer, ca. 1960 or earlier (private collection, February 2012)



Craftsman 0-1" micrometer "made in USA"
Found at a pawn shop in Arizona. (submitted anonymously, October 2010)



Swiss made Alina M32 test indicator. These were manufactured until about 1960 and distributed in the US by the Alina Corporation (New York). Note the rather unusual black counter dial. More information on page 37. (Customer property, New York, November 2010)


Swiss made Alina M33 indicator with a Johnson Gage dial. The serial number places this in the 1950's. Note the Compac logo stamped on the side of the body. Here, the customer has installed a ruby contact point. More information on page 37. (Customer property, Pennsylvania, November 2010)


Etalon and the rebranded Alina micrometers, circa 1960. Only the logos on the heat shield differed. Photos courtesy of owner.



An Etalon micrometer set, circa 1960, in pristine condition. Photos courtesy of owner.


Swiss made Interapid 310-B1 indicator from 1950-1960 with its imitation reptile skin cover box. It was sold in the US by Alina Corporation of Mineola (later Plainview) NY. Photo courtesy of the owner.

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Early mechanical test indicator set from the Deming Indicator Division of Garrison Machine Works, Inc. (private collection, February 2011)



Swiss-made Compac dial indicator, ca. 1940 to mid-1950 (private collection, February 2013)


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Starrett outside micrometer when it was still called a "micrometer caliper", ca. 1940 to early 1950 (Private collection, August 2013)


A beautiful example of Starrett at their finest. This dial indicator was sent to us for cleaning and we were blown away by its elegance, the remnants of art-nouveau in the design, and its fine workmanship. Probably 1930-1950's. They don't make them like this any more! (Private, Pennsylvania, November 2013)


The oldest Compac test indictor we have come across, dating from the 1940's. Notice the lack of ball bearings and the serial number 9471. This was purchased on eBay and the photos are courtesy of the owner. (Private collection 2014)



Parvus P3GA (.0001") test indicator from the 1950's. These were made by Compac and sold in Europe with the Parvus label. In the USA, they had the Alina name. (Private collection 2015)



Messner indicator, made in Germany. Discontinued. (Private collection 2017)




Brown & Sharpe No.25, made in USA. Micrometer with mechanical digital counter display. Discontinued. (Private collection 2017, photo courtesy of John Bennett)


Additionally, we'd like to draw your attention to a nearly exhaustive collection of photos and information on micrometer manufacturers world-wide and since the industrial revolution's inception. This reference by Peter Marks can be viewed at





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