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MarTest Test Indicator

Fühlhebelmessgerät - Comparateur à levier

Quality test indicators — Guaranteed genuine

For the connoisseur of German made measuring instruments. MarTest indicators are new model replacements for the popular Puppitast indicator made by Mahr of Germany. Originally patterned after the Swiss BesTest indicators, the new models bear a strong similarity in construction to the Japanese Mitutoyo models.

These indicators are beautiful, sturdy and very responsive.

Test indicators are used for comparative measurements. They can be used in any type of measuring stand. Since the contact point swivels and can be used in the up or down direction, the MarTest indicator is suitable for various measuring and inspection tasks. For example:

  • Testing concentricity and run-out of shafts and bores.
  • Testing of parallelism and alignment of surfaces in engineering and tool making.

All images courtesy of Mahr Dimensional Metrology

The major features of the MarTest indicator:

  • no slant dial on the Martest (face lies flat like most other indicators)
  • metal bezel turns on a rubber o-ring
  • inch models have a blue-green dial face
  • metric models have yellow dial face
  • contact point angle does not have to be set at 12 degrees (use it at zero degrees to work surface)
  • comes with 3/8" mounting shaft on inch models and 8 mm diameter mounting shaft on metric
  • has 3 dovetails built into the body
  • made in Europe (Czech Republic) to the best of our knowledge
  • does not come supplied with holding bar or swivel clamp available separately on page 36
  • non magnetic

How do they compare to the competition? Take a look at brand comparisons on page 37.


MarTest vertical model


MarTest parallel model


MarTest horizontal model

Companion Reference Guide for Test Indicators
$19.50 Now available at

Model Style Graduations Dial Ø Point Length Travel Order No. Discount Price
801 S horizontal .0005" 1.1" 14.5 mm .030" 4305950 check price and stock
801 SR horizontal .0005" 1.5" 14.5 mm .060" 4307960 check price and stock
801 SG horizontal .0005" 1.5" 14.5 mm .030" 4307950
801 SL horizontal .0005" 1.1" 41.5 mm .020" 4306950 check price and stock
801 SGL horizontal .0005" 1.5" 41.5 mm .020" 4306960 check price and stock
801 SM horizontal .0001" 1.1" 14.5 mm .008" 4308960 check price and stock
801 SGM horizontal .0001" 1.5" 14.5 mm .008" 4308970 check price and stock
801 SGE horizontal .00005" 1.5" 14.5 mm .008" 4308985 check price and stock
801 V vertical .0005" 1.1" 14.5 mm .030" 4302950 check price and stock
801 VGM vertical .0001" 1.5" 14.5 mm .008" 4302960 check price and stock
801 H parallel .0005" 1.1" 14.5 mm .030" 4303950
MarTest No. Ball Ø Material Length Our Number Price
4305850 2.0 mm Carbide 14.5 mm MTC43-25 $21.00 order now
4305851 2.0 mm Ruby 14.5 mm MTC43-27 $39.00 order now
4305870 1.0 mm Carbide 14.5 mm MTC43-24 $21.00 order now


Q: Is the Interapid 18.60307 wrench that you offer interchangeable with the Martest 4305868 spanner?

  • The Interapid contact point wrench will not fit the MarTest points. The slot in the wrench is too narrow.

Q: I have a question about using a deadblow to tap the vise on my mill while I am indicating it with my Mahr 801SG. I used to indicate the vise by running it in the x axis will taping it with a deadblow while the indicator was on it to dial it in. I no longer do this because I figured the shock is something that may not be good for the DTI. Is this correct or am I being overly cautious?

  • You are not being overly cautious. Although we can’t be certain it will cause any particular damage to the indicator, the vibrations, blows, shocks, bumps, etc. of any kind from any source could be detrimental. You have made the right decision.

Companion Reference Guide for Test Indicators
$19.50 Now available at

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