Brown & Sharpe ClassicMaster Micrometer
Swiss quality at an economy price

Here's a fabulous Swiss outside micrometer at an economical price


Brown & Sharpe 599-1-50 Classic Master

Model 599-1-50 (List Price $118.00) … check internet discount

  • Outside micrometer with 0 to 1" measuring range and flat anvil and spindle for accurate general purpose measuring
  • Vernier scale has 0.0001" graduations to provide precise readings
  • Carbide measuring faces provide wear resistance and long life
  • Friction thimble provides smooth and quiet operation, and is suitable for one-handed operation
  • Accuracy ± 0.0001"
  • Made of steel with plastic frame cover which acts as a heat shield
  • Includes hex key, spanner wrench, and storage case
  • Model 599-1-50 (List Price $118.00) … check internet discount

Hint: grab this economical B&S micrometer while supply lasts. The manufacturer will not produce any more under this name or model number once stock is sold out. Be advised that even though the label reads "Switzerland" this does not guarantee that the item is, in fact, manufactured in Switzerland. Since it has a suspiciously low price, we would guess otherwise.

Repairs? Forget about it. Parts will not be available and at this price, it would not be economical.




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