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"Universal" back plunger dial indicator




This high quality inch reading German-made Kafer back plunger indicator is the best of its kind. It has an 8 mm diameter stem which is 16.5 mm long (useful length). The bezel diameter is 40 mm and the smallest step is 28 mm in diameter. It can easily be used in standard indicator holders or fixtures of your own design. If the indicator needs to fit a 3/8" fixture, a simple stem adapter sleeve can be used (see page 133).


The dial indicator's range is .04 inches as seen on the close-up of the 40 mm Ø dial face.

  • Kafer KFZ0R .0001" indicator ... $313.00 order now

This back plunger indicator is a special order and may take up to 3-4 weeks for delivery. We can offer a discount if you are ordering more than one of these.

You may also wish to compare this to the Mitutoyo Back Plunger indicator shown on page 106.

Metric back plunger indicator - Universal indicator


The metric back plunger dial indicator's range is either 3 mm or 5 mm and is available with a small 40 mm face or large 58 mm face.

  • Kafer KM4R 0.01 mm / 3 mm range / 40 mm dial diameter ... $209.00 order now
  • Kafer KM4/5R 0.01 mm / 5 mm range / 40 mm dial diameter ... $218.00 order now
  • Kafer M2R 0.01 mm / 3 mm range / 58 mm dial diameter ... $209.00 order now
  • Kafer M2/5R 0.01 mm / 5 mm range / 58 mm dial diameter ... $218.00 order now


Spare parts and repairs


This is not an easy indicator to disassemble, so please don't try unless you have experience. Here are some user replaceable parts you can deal with. (Please inquire about pricing and availability)

  • Plastic crystal (ø 40 mm) #5.2109
  • Plastic bezel #3.2326
  • Tolerance markers (sold in pairs) (ø 40 mm) #3.1029


Other Options: Back Plunger indicators by Starrett



Starrett makes a popular and relatively affordable model 196 back plunger indicator often found in automotive engine shops. While it is a poor cousin of the German indicator shown above, it may be exactly what you are looking for at a fraction of the price. You will have several different contact point options.

These indicators are difficult to repair and may have to be considered “throw-away” tools.

  • .001" graduations
  • .2" travel (range)

Because we are not authorized distributors for Starrett, we will direct your attention to the nemesis of all on-line retailers: Amazon. You will most likely reap discounts from 20% to 25% and will be assured that you receive a genuine Starrett indicator.





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