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Bestest and Tesatast vertical test indicator

spare parts list reference

Most parts for the vertical indicator are the same as for the horizontal models. We show only the exceptions on this page. Other parts can be identified from the full BesTest breakdown.

Vertical BesTest indicator models:

  • 7024-3 (.0001") 38 mm diameter
  • 7038-3 (.00005") 38 mm diameter
  • 7037-3 (.0005") 28 mm diameter

On this parts list, we give the Brown & Sharpe number as well as the equivalent TESA number. You will be using the TESA number when placing an order.

Drawing Part B&S No. TESA No. Price US$
L contact point see listing see listing
1 body only (vertical style) 023001
3 mounting plate (flange) 023041
17 body cover (vertical model) 99-7029-20 023045
30 center pinion (vertical model) 99-7037-134 023025 45.00 order now
31 jeweled plate with four posts 023007
35 jeweled plate with return spring 023008
42 7037-3 dial 0-15-0 (Ø 28 mm) 060057
42 7038-3 dial 0-4-0 (Ø 38 mm) 060054


The old crystals are removed with a special tool which acts like a suction cup. You can improvise other methods but you're likely to cause damage. Often times the new crystal, which is slightly convex, can be snapped in by hand, but even here, we use special equipment to avoid damage to the indicator. It's best to leave this to someone with the right tools. T

Unlike many other test indicators, the bezel can not be removed without complete disassembly.

Companion Reference Guide for Test Indicators
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