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Mitutoyo dial thickness gauge

Universal type with interchangeable anvils

Mitutoyo model 7328S is discontinued. We have one piece left in stock. This page will be removed once the gage is sold. The dial indicator has .001" graduations with a measuring range of .4 inch. The throat depth is about 1-1/8 inch, as shown in the schematic above.

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Both contact points and anvils are interchangeable on Mitutoyo dial thickness gage 7328S. When you replace them, you will have to reset the indicator to zero.

Eight different contact point and anvil combinations are possible and the manufacturer guarantees accuracy for each of these. The contact point is represented by B, C and E in these diagrams. The anvil by A, D and F.

You will not be able to use a flat contact point with a flat anvil at the same time because there is no guarantee that they will be parallel to each other. If that is what you need, then you will have to get a thickness gage which has permanent, flat anvils. For options see page 12.

Note: If you use two rounded anvils (a spherical or pointed anvil with another spherical or pointed anvil) then you won't be able to set zero in the closed position. You will have to use a gage block to set the indicator at some other point, such as .25" for example. A selection of gage blocks is available on page 164.


All six upper contact points and lower anvils are included.

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