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B&S Value-Line Micrometer Sets — No longer available

Inch Reading - Friction Thimble

These made-in-America micrometers have been around since before any of us can remember and they're still a very good all-purpose micrometer. If your union requires you to use tools made in the U.S.A. then this is an obvious choice.

The anvils are carbide tipped and the .0001" straight line graduations on the thimble are quite easy to read compared to other brands. It's certainly the best of the American made micrometers, yet at a value price.

We're promoting the complete sets as well as individual micrometers. These meet Federal specifications but do not come certified. Standards (calibration measuring rods) are not included with individual micrometers but could be bought separately. These complete sets come in a wooden storage case and optional setting standards.

  • Because of their low price, these micrometers are usually not economically repairable. You can easily replace individual micrometers in a set, if necessary.
  • Value-Line micrometers are no longer available
Brown & Sharpe micrometer photo taken by Long Island Indicator Service

Brown & Sharpe set 599-181-923 has three micrometers, but the wooden box leaves room for a fourth, should you choose to add one at a later time. The spanner wrenches (included) are used for zero-setting of your micrometers. If you've lost the wrenches, you can order replacements below.

Some sets include the measuring rods. They are used to set your micrometers to zero. They are not needed for the 0-1" model.

We suggest buying the B&S Valueline micrometers from an authorized Brown & Sharpe distributor. If you click on "inquire" below, you are welcome to ask us for price and delivery.

B&S 10-11

A word of caution when buying from Amazon: although the product descriptions are usually accurate, the photos often are not. The above image of the B&S 10-11" micrometer is incorrectly labeled as 0-1" on Amazon.


Caution if buying from Amazon: their product images sometimes do not match the product description. Read carefully!

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