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Starrett Last Word Test Indicator Repair Instructions

We are pleased to offer some instructions and tips if you would like to undertake the repair of your Last Word 711 test indicator.

It isn't a particularly easy task especially if you don't have the tools. But, it can be a satisfying project if you succeed.

We also offer a complete repair manual if you prefer step-by-step instructions. And, we also offer professional repair service if you decide this project isn't worth your time.

Let's get started…

Bergeon Jeweler's Screw Driver Set

Quality repairs start with quality tools. We would not want to be without our Bergeon Jeweler's Screw Driver Set.


How to remove the hand

To get the hand off your Starrett 711 test indicator, you'll want to use a pair of hand lifters designed for this purpose. Place the lifters on either side of the pinion and when you push the handles downward, the blades of the lifters will cause the hand to slide up and off the center pinion. You can improvise using two flat blade screw drivers, but beware, you're likely to break the pinion if you're not careful.

Hint: cover the dial with a slip of paper so that it doesn't get scratched in the process.

This photo and information is taken from page 9 of our Starrett Last Word Indicator Repair Manual.

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