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Mitutoyo dial thickness gage
Model 7321 and 7322S with 4.7" deep throat and flat anvils


Flat anvils are used to measure diameters of wire, tubing and spherical objects as well as the thickness of materials that are compressible such as paper, wood, foam, fabric, leather and soft plastics. Ideally you would not use it to measure flat dimensions. For that purpose, you would want anvils which are rounded. This is the same principle that applies to the use of appropriate contact points for dial indicators in general. If using it for hard, flat dimensions, be sure to keep the anvils parallel to the measured surface.

Although the throat is actually a little bit deeper, the maximum measuring reach is 4-5/8" on this mechanical dial thickness gage. The inch version uses Mitutoyo's model 2416SB dial indicator with ceramic anvils 10 mm in diameter. It will not be possible to change, exchange, or interchange these anvils because they have been adjusted to be parallel to each other*.

Because of the rather low cost and the requirement for keeping the anvils parallel, repairsunless minor—are unlikely to be economical.

Inch Thickness Gage 7322S

  • Resolution .001"
  • Range 0-1"
  • Anvil diameter .4" (10 mm) flat ceramic
  • Accuracy ±.002"
  • Measuring force less than 2.0 N

Metric Thickness Gage 7321

  • Purchase Order Price $150.00
  • Internet discount price as low as $125.00 order now
  • Resolution 0.01 mm
  • Range 0-10 mm
  • Anvil diameter 10 mm flat ceramic
  • Accuracy ±15µm
  • Measuring force less than 1.4 N

* note of interest: you could conceivably glue something like a steel ball or pin to the surface of these anvils to customize your measurements. Since the indicator is adjustable so that zero can be set anywhere along its 1" travel, this is a feasible option.

These deep throat thickness gages come factory calibrated but there is no certificate to this effect. If you don't already have a gage block for calibration, you should consider buying one so that you can perform periodic tests (daily, before the start of any new project, after any possible damage, and/or every 3 months). When the anvils of the thickness gage are closed, the dial reading must be set to zero. This is accomplished by turning the bezel. When a gage block of some specified size is measured, the reading on the dial should not be off by more than 2 graduations. Use a gage block which is closest the size which you measure most often. More calibration instructions are available on page 7.

One-year manufacturer's warranty and multi-lingual instructions are included. Currently the letter S is appended to the model number, such as 7322S. This indicates that the gage is made in Japan and is of the newer design. The manufacturer changes these designations quite frequently. It will be necessary to be specific when ordering replacement parts.

Best of all, if it ever malfunctions and needs repair, Long Island Indicator will be able to help.


  • Replacement lifting lever as shown above (includes the plastic part that's broken)
    Part number 21AZB151 ... $14.20
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Other options


If you're measuring very soft or compressible materials, you may want a thickness gage with larger diameter anvils. Take a look at those offered by Kafer on page 96.

For other dial thickness gage options, including digital measurement, refer to page 12.


Product Description


The Mitutoyo 7322S dial thickness gauge is for measuring the thickness of workpieces. This gauge has a measurement range of 0 to 1.0", a resolution of 0.001", and an accuracy of + or - 0.002". The dial indicator face is white for precise and readable measurements in inches. The anvil is flat and the contact point and anvil are ceramic for corrosion-resistance. This model has a throat of 120mm for measuring items where a greater depth is required. It has a grip handle, thumb trigger, and spring-loaded spindle for taking accurate measurements. It has a measuring force of 2.0 Newtons (N) or less.

this product description is provided by Mitutoyo



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