Interapid Magnetic Base
Best Quality Swiss-made Magnetic Indicator Base



Interapid 01639023 (formerly 01690032) shown above (indicator not included)

For hassle free precision measuring, a high quality magnetic base is indispensable.

These Swiss-made magnetic bases, with fine adjustment, are the highest quality you're likely to find. They're sturdy enough so that you can use them with high resolution test indicators (.0001" or 0,002 mm for example).

The clamp will accommodate the 8 mm diameter stem of dial indicators (as shown in the photo above) and the stand is ideal for electronic probes as well. (It will not be possible to mount indicators with 3/8" diameter stems.)

The 11" long reticulating arm can take on numerous configurations and one knob tightens everything securely into place. At that point you can use the fine adjustment knob located on the clamp, to get your indicator or probe into position.

The end of the arm accepts any brand test indicator dovetail, but you'll probably want to use this magnetic base with other high quality instruments made in Switzerland, such as Interapid, Compac, Tesatast or Bestest indicators.

This close-up of the clamping mechanism shows a Compac indicator held by the dovetail. The black knob tightens the clamp onto the dovetail while the metallic knob allows for fine adjustment of the indicator's position after everything else is set in place.

The V-shaped magnetic base measures 60 mm long x 50 mm wide x 55 mm high. It offers 400 N force, with a convenient on/off switch. The V shape allows this base to be magnetically attached to a rod, spindle or cylinder measuring anywhere from 30 mm to 150 mm in diameter.

It will also attach to any flat surface that can accept a magnet. Solid steel surfaces are best. Sheet metal is too flimsy. The back of the base is also magnetic and the stand can be attached to a vertical surface (do this carefully, since it's easy to knock these to the floor). The stand can not be used on its own, without the magnet.

The height (H) is 15.36" and length (L) is 11 inches.

Since it moves and doesn't have a fixed upright pole, take a look at the diagram to decipher the meaning of H and L.

Once you realize that Tesa is the manufacturer and that Interapid and Etalon are brand names, you won't be so surprised to see that this magnetic stand has a Tesa part number yet has the Interapid logo on the base, and has instructions printed for an Etalon stand. They're trying to cover all bases.

The manufacturer offers two instructions (paraphrased, edited and amended):

  1. For safe positioning of the measuring support with maximum adhesive force, the surfaces must be thoroughly cleaned and dried. Do no attempt to stick the base on an oily or gritty surface.
  2. Don't tighten the clamp screw unless there's an indicator in the clamp, either in the dovetail or in the 8 mm hole. Tightening it may cause the clamp to become distorted or to snap.

It is possible that at some point down the line you may damage or lose the clamp. It's comforting to know that they are theoretically available as replacement parts.


Other magnetic bases and stands are available.

  • Something less expensive on page 28.
  • Something high quality but miniature on page 126.
  • High quality measuring stands that aren't magnetic on page 115.




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