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Mitutoyo Digimatic Caliper

IP67 Coolant Proof Caliper with SPC output

Mitutoyo's most popular digimatic calipers are coolant proof (water proof) to a rating of IP66 or IP67. IP67 offers a higher rate of protection against liquid sprays. You won't be able to use these at the bottom of Long Island Sound, but the fine mists from coolants or the occasional rain drop won't interfere with its performance. These have SPC output meaning that you can connect it, with an optional cable, to your computer or other data collecting device.

Just like any other digital caliper, the read out is .0005" switchable to 0.01 mm with an accuracy of ± .001" for the 6" and 8" models. Notice that, just because it reads to .0005" doesn't mean that it has an accuracy of .0005".

Mitutoyo has mastered the art of digital tools with output, so these can be highly recommended. Simple replacement parts, such as battery covers can be ordered from most Mitutoyo distributors.

Repairs for digital tools are always an iffy proposition. If you take good care of these, you won't have to worry about it. If they stop functioning—and they eventually will—you may have no other option but to pay for a hefty repair bill or to replace it.


Mitutoyo model 500-762-20 shown above, suitable for use in environments with heavy exposure to coolants and other liquid spray. It is not suitable for immersion.

Here's an interesting maintenance tip: after use, wipe the calipers dry with an absorbent cloth and then coat them lightly with oil. This will actually help to keep the calipers water proof, according to the manufacturer.

Certificate of inspection with NIST traceability and storage case are included along with detailed instructions in many languages. (This is not a calibration certificate.)

ABS coolant-proof caliper with dust/water protection conforming to IP67 Level. Can be used in workshop conditions exposed to coolant, water, dust or oil. 100% air-leak test ensures every caliper conforms to IP67.

  • SPC output (cables sold separately)
  • Steel jaws
  • Display resolution .0005" (switchable to 0.01 mm)
  • Accuracy, like all othe dial or digital calipers is ±.001" regardless of the resolution
  • Incorporates Mitutoyo's ABSOLUTE measurement system. No need to reset the origin.
  • The automatic power-on/off function shuts down the LCD after 20 minutes of inactivity, but the ABS scale origin is unaffected. Power is restored to the display when the slider is moved.
  • Stepped features can be measured.
  • Can be integrated into statistical process control and measurement systems.
  • A factory inspection certificate is supplied as standard.
  • LCD display increased 22% for improved visibility.
  • Easy removal of battery cap.
  • Extended battery life of 5 years
  • Easy to use advanced ergonomic design uses only 2 buttons.
Length Switchable to metric Type Current Model Price US$
6" 150 mm IP67 500-762-20 check price and stock
8" 200 mm IP67 500-763-20 check price and stock
12" 300 mm IP67 500-764-10 check price and stock

SPC connection cables

The calipers do not have a send button, probably because it would interfere with the water proof qualitites of the gage. This means that you will have to install a cable with a data send button. (For two handed operation, you can also install a foot switch to take place of the data send button.) Unscrew the cable cover which is held in place with 2 small Philips-head screws. Plug in the cable and screw it in place using the 2 screws which you'll find in the new plug. You might want to keep the old cover and screws for those occasions when you won't be working with a cable. You can not allow coolant or liquids to get into the exposed socket.

  • 40" long waterproof cable with data button 05CZA624 … $89.00 order now
  • 80" long waterproof cable with data button 05CZA625 … $89.00 order now

The USB Intput Tool Direct is a combination of data cable and input tool, all rolled into one. With these cables, that have a built-in input tool, you will be able to plug directly from your digital gage to your USB port on your computer. No other equipment is needed.

Do you need something more up-scale? Mitutoyo Solar Calipers are rated IP67, have SPC output, and never need batteries. Perfect for taking measurements in the field.


This is a waterproof caliper, so it requires a cable designed for waterproof digital calipers.


Avoid getting ripped off by imitation Mitutoyo gages. If you buy from Amazon, verify that it "ships from and [is] sold by" or buy your gages through an authorized Mitutoyo dealer, such as Long Island Indicator Service.


Caution if buying from Amazon: their product images sometimes do not match the product description. Read carefully!

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