Etalon micrometer ball attachments

These ball attachments will convert any Etalon micrometer, or other manufacturer's micrometer with the same spindle diameters, into an accurate tool for measuring tubing wall thickness. These will fit on either the anvil or the spindle side of the micrometer (your choice).

Because you will have added the dimension of the ball to the micrometer, you will have to subtract that diameter from any readings you take. Put a tag on your micrometer as a reminder to yourself or anyone else who might pick up the mike and try to use it.

Swiss made (as far as we can tell) rounded measuring faces are hardened and lapped steel. A dull chrome plated retainer fits over the anvils of your micrometers and holds it firmly in place.


For 6.5 mm anvils


This ball attachment will fit on any 6.5 mm diameter anvil such as Etalon Indicating Micrometer series 225. The ball diameter is 5 mm. This value must be subtracted from any micrometer readings taken.

Order no. 72.103522 ... $30.00

Other Options


If you regularly use your micrometers for these applications, you may want to invest in an Etalon micrometer with spherical faces. They have the advantage that you'll never have to make subtractions or other calculations to get your reading.

For information on Etalon micrometers see page 159.





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