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Micrometer ball attachments

Ball attachments will convert any micrometer into an accurate tool for measuring tubing wall thickness. These will fit on either the anvil or the spindle side of the micrometer (your choice). Be sure to select the size that corresponds to the diameter of your micrometer's spindle or anvil.


Because you will have added the dimension of the ball to the micrometer, you will have to subtract that diameter from any readings you take. Put a tag on your micrometer as a reminder to yourself or anyone else who might pick up the mike and try to use it.

Brown & Sharpe micrometer ball attachment

Mitutoyo and Brown & Sharpe ball attachments have a neoprene sleeve.

  • If you use the attachment on a digital micrometer, then you can zero-set the micrometer to take the ball diameter into account automatically.

Starrett attachments are all metal.

Spindle Ø Ball Attachment Ø Order No. Price US$
8 mm .250" Mitutoyo 101469 31.00 order now
.256" 5 mm Etalon 72.103522 39.00 order now
.250" .200" Mitutoyo 101468 29.00 order now
.250" .200" Brown & Sharpe 599-226-200 32.00 order now
.300" .200" Starrett 247E check online discount

Other Options

If you regularly use your micrometers for these applications, you may want to invest in a Brown & Sharpe micrometer with spherical faces. They have the advantage that you'll never have to make subtractions or other calculations to get your reading.

Brown & Sharpe model with spherical anvil and flat tungsten carbide faces makes this micrometer ideal for measuring convex curves directly without having to subtract the diameter of a ball. Measure wall thickness of tubing with inside diameters as small as 3/8". Straight/line barrel graduations and glare-free satin-chrome finish virtually eliminate .025" reading errors. Convertible "fixed/friction" thimble for a choice in measuring action and ring lock. Graduations in .0001"


Made in U.S.A.


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