Mitutoyo Quick Mini
Digital Thickness Gauge - Thickness Micrometer


Portable, hand held, miniature digital thickness gage model 700-118-20 with 1/2" range. The red slider is pushed with the thumb to open the anvils. They close on their own. You can set zero at any point for direct readings or comparator readings.

These provide a convenient way to quickly measure paper, cardboard, plastic sheeting, sheet metal, fabric, leather, etc.

Hint to piano technicians and luthiers: this will fit in your tool case and makes reading piano and string wire gauge a snap.

These pocket sized digital gages are quicker and easier to read, particularly in unskilled hands. They can also switch back and forth between inch and metric. This is a simple model which can not be hooked up to a computer. It doesn't get any easier. And, you can hang it around your neck for that contemporary techno look (a great conversation starter and great accessory for the ugly sweater party).

  • "Mini" size is about 2" by 3-1/2"
  • Anvil diameter is .2"
  • Accuracy is ± .001" (± 0.02 mm) just like the mechanical thickness gages.
  • Batteries last about 2 years. Replacement batteries are available.
  • Instructions included in many languages.
  • For more information on thickness gages and their use, please see page 12.

This item can only be ordered through a 3rd party on the Internet:

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700-118-20 (*)

.5" (12 mm)

.0005" (0.01 mm)

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(*) Model 700-118-20 was previously known as model 700-118.

Model 700-122 is discontinued. It was a combination inch/metric gage with 1" range. Model 700-121 replaces it but is only available in metric.


Different contact points


The upper contact on these digital thickness gages (the one on the moving spindle) can be unscrewed and replaced by any contact point having M2.5 threads.

The standard replacement contact point is 05JAA152

The points are screwed in pretty tightly, so avoid excess force when unscrewing. The torque may damage the inner workings.

If you buy a different point keep in mind that it must be at least 10 mm long so that it touches the lower anvil. The lower, flat anvil can not be replaced. The length of the anvil may also affect the range of travel.

This gives you the possibility of installing a 60° conical point, for instance. For a selection of points please refer to page 133.




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