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Kafer dial thickness gage
with 2" (50 mm) deep throat


These German made dial thickness gages are available in many useful configurations: different throat depths, different lifting systems, different forces, different anvil shapes, etc. Customization is made at the factory, so it will be necessary to be specific at the time of ordering. As a result, you may have to allow 4 weeks for delivery.

The lifting device allows the anvil to lift up when you push the lever down with your thumb. The anvil will then close on its own. This way the pressure is the same each time a reading is taken which can be useful if the gage is used by different people.

These hand-held thickness gages can be used as a table top gage with the optional stand shown on page 232.


Kafer J50 metric with lifting device (shown above)

  • Reading: 0.01 mm
  • Range: 10 mm
  • Range per revolution: 1 mm
  • Bezel diameter: 58 mm
  • Jaw depth: 50 mm
  • Standard force: 0.8 N (customizable on request from 0.6 N to 2.0 N)
  • Price: $275.00 (order one of the anvil options below)
  • J50 Type A (30 mm diameter for soft, compressible materials like foam, fabric or felt)
  • J50 Type B (20 mm diameter for soft, flat materials)
  • J50 Type C (10 mm diameter for soft leather, cardboard, paper, plastics, foils and spherical or cylindrical shapes)
  • J50 Type D (10 mm rounded for hard leather, wood, and other flat surfaces)
  • J50 Type E (spherical for hard and flat materials such as metal, glass and plastics)


Kafer JZ50 inch reading with lifting device (not pictured but similar to the metric version J50, shown above)

  • Reading .001"
  • Range: .4"
  • Depth of jaw: 2"
  • JZ50 Type C (10 mm diameter flat anvil) Price: $290.00 ... order now
  • JZ50 Type E (spherical anvil for hard surfaces) Price: $290.00 ... order now




Kafer K50/5 with push device (shown above)

The anvils on this gage remain in the open position making it easy to insert the piece to be measured. The anvil is pushed down with the thumb until it makes contact. Because you can vary the pressure with your thumb, this kind of device is best used with hard, noncompressible materials. The large 20 mm diameter flat anvils makes it easy to measure diameters as well as thickness.

  • Reading: 0.1 mm
  • Range: 50 mm
  • Range per revolution: 10 mm
  • Bezel diameter: 58 mm
  • Jaw depth: 50 mm
  • Standard force: 0.8 N
  • K50/5 Type B (20 mm diameter flat anvil) Price: $344.00 ... order now

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