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Horizontal Test Indicator Model Equivalents

This page is designed to help you find equivalents to inch reading test indicators which you might own or want to replace. It will show the new models when others have become obsolete. It can also help you find better quality equivalents or—vice versa—cheaper alternatives.

We've taken the major parameters into account: the range, the graduations, the dial diameter and the contact point length. There will of course be some variation from one manufacturer to another. We've rounded the dial and point lengths to the nearest .1" to make comparison easier. For a detailed comparison of manufacturers and brand names, refer to page 37.

Where they are made: it is likely that most of the manufacturers use at least some Chinese components. Switzerland is quite strict with its labeling requirements and "Swiss Made" can only be used if final assembly plus the majority of the components are of Swiss origin. Other countries may or may not have similar regulations.

We have included Brand name models that are generally available in the U.S. We make no claim that this list is complete. Checking the manufacturer's catalog is the best way to verify the accuracy of our information

  • Alina ... Switzerland
  • BesTest ... China (most models prior to 2018 were labeled "Swiss made")
  • Compac ... Switzerland
  • Enco ... Japan unless otherwise noted
  • Federal ... various (Switzerland, England, USA)
  • Fowler … China unless otherwise noted
  • Gem ... USA
  • Girod ... Switzerland
  • Interapid ... Switzerland
  • Kafer ... Germany
  • MarTest ... Germany
  • Mercer ... Switzerland
  • Mitutoyo ... Japan
  • Peacock ... Japan
  • SPI … China (current models)
  • Starrett ... USA unless otherwise noted (China)
  • Teclock ... Japan
  • Tesatast ... Switzerland / China

Note: Contact point lengths vary depending on how they're measured. Even the manufacturers aren't always consistent on this. We've rounded off these lengths so that you can make a quick comparison. The pages devoted to these particular models will show the more accurate dimensions.

Approximate price range for comparison purposes (price might reflect discounts):

  • $ = under $50
  • $$ = $50-$150
  • $$$ = $150-$250
  • $$$$ = over $250

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