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Brown & Sharpe Intrimik Tri-O-Bor

Swiss Style B - Digital Reading Hole Micrometer
All models are discontinued by the manufacturer. This page is for reference only.

"Digital Reading" does not refer to anything electronic. The barrel of this direct reading hole micrometer has small numerals which display the correct reading to .001" (0.01 mm on metric models), much like the early "digital" alarm clocks of the 70's. An additional division on the display will allow you to read down to .0002" It's totally mechanical and easy.

This Brown & Sharpe precision Intrimik is made in Switzerland by Tesa. You can expect durability, reliability and accuracy from this manufacturer. This is the type of gage you will want to invest in, if you're planning on being in the business for a while. Nothing better is available.

Intrimiks are available singly or in sets which cover larger spans. Each Intrimik will require a setting ring (see page 163) as shown in the photo. These rings are sold separately but they are included in complete sets. Complete sets also include some tools: a screw driver, two spanner wrenches, a heat insulating rubber sleeve. The single units come in cheesy foam boxes, but the complete sets have fancy molded plastic suitcases. They're expensive; you'll want to store them carefully.

For easy ISO integration, an ID number, inspection report and declaration of conformity are included.


Digital (non-electronic) counters.


The three replaceable tungsten carbide measuring arms are flush with the bottom of the gage so that not only through holes but also blind holes can be measured.

Range Graduations Measuring Depth Max Error Model No. Discontinued
.6 – .8" .0002" 5.2" .00012" 599-238-8-1
.8 – 1.0" .0002" 5.2" .00012" 599-238-10-1
1.0 – 1.2" .0002" 5.2" .00012" 599-238-12-1
1.2 – 1.6" .0002" 5.4" .00012" 599-238-16-1
1.6 – 2.0" .0002" 5.4" .00012" 599-238-20-1
Measuring depth

Measuring depth is limited to about 5" (see above) depending on the size of the gage, but up to two 5.9 inch extension can be added optionally to any Tri-O-Bor gage from size .6" to 4.8" (the manufacturer recommends not using more than two extensions).

  • 5.9 inch Tri-O-Bor depth extension 09.40000
Taking measurements

With the Brown & Sharpe Intrimik you can take direct readings, as if it were a micrometer. This is different from dial bore gages which would only be used as comparators.

Insert the Intrimik into the bore to be measured. Turn the ratchet until it engages (clicks), then give it one and one-half more turns, holding the Intrimik lightly in position. The gage will now be properly seated in the bore. Read the indicated value.


5.9" long depth extension

Zero setting the Intrimik
  • To begin with, never force the ratchet at either end of the measuring range. Then follow these manufacturer instructions which are included (along with illustrations) with each new gage.
  • Thoroughly clean the measuring inserts of the Intrimik and the setting ring.
  • Put the setting ring on a flat surface. Insert the Intrimik into the bore of the setting ring and turn the ratchet until it starts to click.
  • While holding the gage lightly in the bore, give the ratchet one and one-half more turns. The Intrimik will now be properly seated in the bore.
  • Compare the reading of the Intrimik with the dimension printed on the setting ring.
  • If the readings are different, you'll have to reset the Intrimik as follows:
  • Loosen the screw on the body with the screw driver provided.
  • Turn the sleeve until the reading in fractions of an inch shown opposite the index mark in the window corresponds with the value shown on the setting ring.
  • Tighten the screw.
  • Insert the screw driver in one of the slots of the ring and turn until the correct .1" appears opposite the index mark in the window.
  • Remove the Intrimik from the setting ring and bring the zero of the fraction scale opposite the index mark by turning the ratchet in the measuring direction (right to left).
  • Check the .1" reading and correct if necessary.

Other Options

For a discussion of other hole measuring options, take a look at Internal Bore Micrometers on page 25.


Top-of-the-line Model 599-238-16-1 shown above with optional 1.2" setting ring


Caution if buying from Amazon: their product images often do not match the product description. Read carefully!


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