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Premium Quality Swiss Dial Indicator

Mercer indicators were made in Switzerland. All models were discontinued in 2020. Except for the name on the dial they were the same as Compac indicators.

Why go through the trouble trying to buy a dial indicator that is hardly ever available? It's like the gourmand scouring the vineyards of southern France looking for that one vintage that appeals to him, while the rest of us are happy buying whatever is on sale at the local liquor store.

We can buy any number of dial indicators, right off the shelf, (or right off the boat from China) at a fraction of the cost and that is apparently perfectly fine with the majority of people in the trade. It is the connoisseur who is happiest with a priceless gem who will seek out these masterpieces of gaging.

Mercer indicators have 8 mm diameter stems and use 2.5 mm contact point threads. Stem sleeve adapters are available to make them fit 3/8" fixtures. They are identical to Compac indicators, using the same stainless steel racks which give these a long useful life. While Compac has discontinued most of its inch reading models, you can find the equivalent still available with the Mercer name.

  • contact point M2.5
  • stem diameter 8 mm
  • flat back (for optional lug back see page 61)
  • tolerance markers
  • bezel lock

The tolerance markers are adjustable and could be removed if they get in the way. The crystal is a flat snap-on style. Use the blade of a large screw driver to pry off the crystal. Now you can remove the tolerance markers and you can press the crystal back into place. This is also the way to replace the crystal if that becomes necessary. Replacement or different style contacts (including ruby and nylon) can be found on page 133. You'll be looking for metric M2.5 threads.

A factory certificate of calibration and declaration of conformity are included. The indicators come in a cardboard storage box.

If you are not sure which dial type is correct for your application, please take a look at page 139.

Mercer dial indicator image by Long Island Indicator Service

Mercer model 213-1 shown above with 58 mm diameter dial. It's important to note that these come with flat backs. If you need lug backs, you'll have to order them separately.

Brown & Sharpe No. Mercer Model No. Graduations Range Dial Ø Dial Price US$
01426010 181-1 .001" .20" 1-11/16" 0-50-0 [Equivalent models]
01426027 211-1 .001" .40" 2-1/4" 0-50-100 [Equivalent models]
01426012 213-1 .0005" .20" 1-11/16" 0-25-0 [Equivalent models]
01426021 240-1 .0005" .40" 2-1/4" 0-25-50 [Equivalent models]
01426032 251-1 .0005" 1.0" 2-1/4" 0-25-50 [Equivalent models]

Mercer indicator repair service

As of September 2020 all Mercer models are no longer in production:

Repairs may still be possible.

Long Island Indicator Service has 60 years of experience repairing Swiss made dial indicators. If yours ever malfunction or need a tune-up, don't hesitate to contact us. Please see page 30 for details.

A note to repair shops: Mercer Series S, shown on this page, uses the same parts as Compac 550 Series. See page 72.

The old-style Mercer indicators were made in England. Those are no longer available and can not be repaired due to obsolescence of parts, but you can substitute the new Swiss models with confidence. They are a dramatic improvement over the old ones.

Companion Reference Guide for Test Indicators
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