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Round Ball Contact

Cupped Style with carbide, ruby, nylon, or Teflon

The most common, and probably most useful contact point has a large 3 mm diameter carbide ball (.06" radius) set into the cupped end of the point. Only a portion of the ball will be visible. The ball does not rotate and is not designed to rotate. This type of contact point should be used when flat surface measurements are taken.

Carbide will provide a long useful life for these points particularly if any sliding motion is involved. Sliding the test piece under the contact point will inevitably wear down the point. For special applications, this ball can be made of synthetic ruby, Teflon or Nylon. The length (L) of the point can be altered by using a separate length extension.

  • Ball diameter is 3 mm
  • Outside diameter is 5 mm
Order No. Ball Material Ball Ø Thread Ø Length
(without thread)
Price US$
MTC10-02 Carbide 3 mm 4-48 .25" 19.50
MTC10-11 Carbide 3 mm 4-48 1" 19.50
MTC10-03 Ruby 3 mm 4-48 .25" 29.50
MTC10-12 Ruby 3 mm 4-48 1" 29.50
MTC10-04 Teflon 3 mm 4-48 .25" 29.50
MTC10-13 Teflon 3 mm 4-48 1" 29.50
MTC10-05 Nylon 3 mm 4-48 .25" 19.50
MTC10-14 Nylon 3 mm 4-48 1" 19.50
MTC10-07 Carbide 3 mm M2.5 .25" 19.50
MTC10-08 Ruby 3 mm M2.5 .25" 29.50
MTC10-09 Teflon 3 mm M2.5 .25" 29.50
MTC10-10 Nylon 3 mm M2.5 .25" 19.50

Mitutoyo-style (ø3mm) Ball point

With the exception of MTC44-14, these Mitutoyo style indicator points have recessed .120" (8 mm) diameter balls made of carbide, steel, ceramic or ruby. They will fit any brand indicator with the correct thread diameter.

Schematic for Mitutoyo style contact point with carbide ball inset.
Order No. Mitutoyo No. Material Ball Ø x L Thread Price US$
MTC44-09 120045 Carbide 3 mm x 8.0 mm M2.5 19.50
MTC44-16 no equivalent Ceramic 3 mm x 8.0 mm M2.5 29.50
MTC44-14 900032 Hardened steel Ø .160" x .25" 4-48 19.50
MTC44-10 120047 Ruby Ø 3 mm x 8.0 mm M2.5 29.50

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