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Setting Rings and Setting Master

for internal bore measurement calibration

These sizes of setting rings are specifically used to calibrate ingages, intrimiks, holtest and other inside micrometers and dial bore gages. The rings can be used to check and verify either the high or low range of most of these micrometers. The 1" ring, and larger, can also be used to calibrate the ID jaws of calipers.

Each ring will have the actual size stamped on it. This means that when you order a 1" ring, the item you get may be stamped 0.99998 inches. It would be very costly to manufacture rings exactly to the nominal value, and that's why you'll get something very close instead.

Rings of other sizes will not be available here. If you need something like 1.045" you will have to have them custom made. You may want to check with Starrett-Webber for starters.

The Brown & Sharpe (B&S) rings offered below come with a manufacturer's certificate of accuracy and traceability to NIST standards. You can use the rings just as they are, because the manufacturer guarantees their accuracy. However, your quality system may require certification with data. You will have to send the rings to an accredited gage lab for this formality.

Those made by Mitutoyo come with a manufacturer's certificate, traceable to International Standards. International Standards are accepted in place of NIST by international agreement. You may have to convince your quality assurance department of this fact (let them look up the agreement signed by the U.S. government). The certificate is dated at the time of manufacture and may be several to many months old at time of purchase. You will have to decide if this is sufficient for your purposes. Otherwise, buy the setting ring and send it to an accredited calibration lab for certification.

Once a year you will have to have them re-certified, unless your quality system has implemented a shorter or longer calibration cycle. Chances are this happens exactly when you need to use the setting ring. It is best to plan ahead and to have someone else in charge of these annual calibrations. That way you will be able to blame that "someone else."

Calibration certificates are never included but the manufacturers guarantee the accuracy as stated in their catalogs and as reproduced below. If you need NIST traceable certification with data, then you will have to send these rings to an accredited gage lab. We have a partial listing of such laboratories on page 151.

Setting rings are not consistently available but, surprisingly, Amazon often has stock! They also offer the best prices (but you know that already). Click on the Amazon links below and find out.

Intrimik setting ring photo by Long Island Indicator Service

Where are they made?

  • Mitutoyo — Japan
  • Brown & Sharpe — U.S.A
Size B&S No. Accuracy B&S Price US$ Mitutoyo No. Accuracy Mitutoyo Price US$
.350" 599-281-380 ± .00004" inquire 177-179 ± .00004" check Amazon
.500" 599-281-580 ± .00004" inquire 177-180 ± .00004" check Amazon
.600" 599-281-680 ± .00004" inquire 177-181 ± .00004" inquire
.700" 599-281-780 ± .00005" inquire 177-183 ± .00004" inquire
.800" 599-281-880 ± .00005" inquire 177-287 ± .00004" inquire
1.000" 599-281-1080 ± .00005" check Amazon 177-184 ± .00004" check Amazon
1.200" 599-281-1280 ± .00005" inquire 177-289 ± .00004" check Amazon
1.400" 599-281-1480 ± .00005" inquire 177-185 ± .00004" inquire
1.600" 599-281-1680 ± .00005" inquire 177-291 ± .00004" check Amazon
How to take care of your setting rings?

It's simple. Think of how much these cost and treat them accordingly. You will want to clean setting rings before use and you will want to oil them lightly when they get put back in storage. Just throwing them in a tool box is not the solution. Find a dedicated storage place in a dry, temperature stable location. And yes, you have to acclimate them to room temperature before you use them. Steel expands and contracts, remember?


Caution if buying from Amazon: their product images sometimes do not match the product description. Read carefully!

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