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How to repair new model Mitutoyo test indicators ending in -10 or -16

Mitutoyo redesigned their test indicators and started selling them around 2016. Very cleverly, they reduced the number of spare parts to bare minimum. This helped cut down on the time consuming and relatively unprofitable process of selling small parts to those of us who cared enough to repair these otherwise trustworthy gages.

We published a 64-page repair manual for the now obsolete indicators, those manufactured before 2016. If we were to publish a new manual it might only require 12 pages and even then, half of those pages would be filler just like this paragraph is.

Mitutoyo indicators are not very expensive and you will have to weigh the cost of purchasing new versus buying parts and then trying to figure out how to make it work again. We think it is worthwhile but other professional repair shops may disagree.

To get started, make sure you can locate the parts list for your particular model. Then, find out if someone will be willing to sell you the parts keeping in mind that they aren't going to make a lot of profit. In fact, they may break even, if lucky.

Next you will have to make sure you have a couple of can't-do-without repair tools: a hand lifter and small phillips screwdriver at the very least.

Post-2016 Mitutoyo test indicators end in -10 or -16. When you look them up, online or in the Mitutoyo catalog, you will notice alphabetic letters at the end of the model number. You can disregard these letters (T, E, A) since they only refer to the types of attachments that come with the indicator. These will not affect the repair or the replacement of contact points, for that matter.

The following models use the parts shown on this page:

  • 513-442-10
  • 513-442-10
  • 513-443-10
  • 513-443-16
  • 513-444-10
  • 513-445-10
  • 513-446-10
  • 513-446-16
  • 513-452-10
  • 513-453-10
  • 513-454-10
  • 513-455-10
  • 513-482-10
  • 513-484-10
  • Models ending in -10 have white dials and black hands
  • Models ending in -16 have black dials and red hands

This is a representative drawing featuring all the parts which will be available for the horizontal model with tilted dials. Note that the indicator body is not available as a spare part. Only the movement, the color of the hands, and the dials are different on these models. We are not able to supply dials at this time.

Use caution when ordering parts. Mitutoyo part numbers have an annoying habit of looking alike. Please double check to avoid errors.

Dwg No. Part Part No. Price US$ allow 2-4 weeks
1. movement see table below
2. base assembly 21CZB089 31.95 place order
4. counter hand (black) 21CZB096 13.00 place order
4. counter hand (red) 21CZB114 not available
6. large hand (black) 21CZB035 13.05 place order
6. large hand (red) 21CZB113 not available
7. bezel assembly 21CZB116 not available
8. screw (M1.7 X 4) 21CAA056 4.85 order now
9. screw (M1.7 X 3.8) 21CAB009 5.25 order now
Model No. 1. movement part number Price US$ allow 2-4 weeks
513-442-10 21CZB107 59.65 place order
513-442-16 21CZB107 59.65 place order
513-443-10 21CZB058 48.60 place order
513-443-16 21CZB058 48.60 place order
513-444-10 21CZB104 not unavailable
513-445-10 21CZB045 48.60 place order
513-446-10 21CZB123 not unavailable
513-446-16 21CZB123 not unavailable

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