Etalon Series 226 'Microrapid'
metric micrometer


Etalon Microrapid with .001 mm graduations

Manufactured in French-speaking Switzerland, Etalon micrometers are indisputably the best quality micrometers. They can last a lifetime. Ask anyone who's ever owned one and you'll get nothing but raves. Plus, if they ever need repair, Long Island Indicator is factory trained and fully qualified to bring your Etalon micrometers back to top notch condition.

These high-precision micrometers (shown above) are only available only in metric: 0-25mm, 25-50mm, 50-75mm, and 75-100mm. The inch versions were discontinued many years ago much to the chagrin of many a discerning machinist.

The thimble on this metric micrometer has 100 graduations rather than the standard 50 graduations. Reading this scale is faster and less prone to error. Plus, you only have to turn the thimble half as much as the regular micrometer so the anvils open and close quickly. Hence, "micro-rapid." For this tool alone it's worth switching to metric. (Not always in stock)

For your convenience we show two prices below. The purchase order price in case your company has to use a purchase order, and the Internet price which, as you see, is often heavily discounted but will require a credit card for purchase.


Range / Graduations

Etalon model number

Purchase Order Price

Internet Price

0-25 mm / 0.001 mm

072116406 (72.116406)

check availability and discount

25-50 mm / 0.001 mm

072116407 (72.116407)

check availability and discount

50-75 mm / 0.001 mm

072116408 (72.116408)

check availability and discount

75-100 mm / 0.001 mm

072116409 (72.116409)

not available online

The Microrapid micrometer is also available as a pin micrometer with two pin anvils each measuring 2 mm in diameter and 5 mm in length. For that reason, the measuring range of this model is only 0-20 mm.

0-20 mm / 0.001 mm

072116410 (72.116410)

check discount


12 months from the date of shipment, covers parts and labor. Original documentation is required. You will need to contact Hexagon Metrology for instructions.


Recommendations from the manufacturer

Etalon writes, "Every micrometer is supplied ready for use and inspected. However, since they might get out of adjustment during transportation, we [Etalon] advise to check the zero-setting before use. We also firmly advise our customers not to dismantle the instruments needlessly. They need only be cleaned using pure benzene and periodically lubricated with a few drops of high quality purified oil. Check the zero-setting as often as necessary. The guarantee does not cover new measuring instruments dismantled by customers."


See also: Calibration and zero-setting instructions.

For additional information on micrometers and what can go wrong, please refer to page 29.




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