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Etalon Indicating Micrometer

Etalon indicting micrometers (dial micrometers) were discontinued in 2021. According to the manufacturer they "lost a couple of key vendors, and there is no one (currently) that can make these... Also too complicated for the China factories..."

At Long Island Indicator Service we still have spare parts and the experience to repair and recondition these micrometers.

Micro-Etalon indicating micrometers are high precision tools used for inspection of parts. The micrometer is always mounted on a stand so that both hands are free to insert, inspect, and remove the machined parts.

Manufactured in French-speaking Switzerland, Etalon dial micrometers (series 225) are indisputably the best quality micrometers. They can last a lifetime. Ask anyone who's ever owned one and you'll get nothing but raves.

The indicating micrometer (aka dial micrometer and super mike) features a movable anvil (on the left, below) which is retracted by pushing the button on the far left. The spindle on the right is operated like any micrometer. When you use it to set the required dimension, and lock it in place, you will be able to make parts comparisons using the dial (.0001" or .00005" and 0.002 mm or 0.001 mm). The hand (needle) will show deviations. On the .00005" dial, there are graduations to .001" in either direction. The anvil diameter is 6.5 mm.

These models have an improved spindle locking device which won't wear out like the old ones. Replaceable red and blue tolerance markers are adjustable and the dial can be rotated for fine adjustments. A built-in adjustable part support (also shown above) allows you to keep small parts at the right height, or it can be removed if it's in the way. This part support is not available with the pin-anvil model.

  • The spindle is designed to turn hard compared to regular micrometers. This is because the spindle is normally preset and locked into place.

  • The pin anvil micrometer has both anvil diameters reduced to 2 mm. Each is 5 mm long.

This is quite an investment, so you'll be happy to know that spare parts are available and with factory training and 60 years of experience we'll be able to repair your micrometer if anything goes wrong.

Range Dial graduations Etalon model no. Price
0 to 1" .0001" 72.109835 discontinued
1 to 2" .0001" 72.109841 discontinued
0 to 1" .00005" 72.109837 discontinued
1 to 2" .00005" 72.109843 discontinued
0 to .800" pin anvil .0001" 72.109857 discontinued
0 to 25 mm 0,001 mm 72.108669 discontinued
25 to 50 mm 0,001 mm 72.108691 discontinued
0 to 25 mm 0,002 mm 72.108670 $1,295.00 (remaining stock is limited)

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