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Interapid Test Indicator Crystal Replacement

If you have a crystal press, you will be able to install a new crystal without great difficulty. If you do not have this equipment, then the easiest approach is to simply replace the entire bezel which already has a crystal installed.

The following instructions are excerpts from the Interapid Test Indicator Repair Manual.

Begin by unscrewing the bezel. It has a fine thread and will require more turns than you would expect.

On large dials, insert a pin, or other tool such as needle nose pliers, into one of the two holes on the underside of the bezel ring. This will keep the ring from rotating while you unscrew the bezel.

On small dials, there is no bezel ring. Instead, place your tool into one of the two slots that you will see on the inner mounting ring underneath. The tips of needle nose pliers also work well here.

Interapid bezel with crystal

To replace the crystal, pop it out using your thumb but watch that you do not cut yourself. You will need a crystal press to insert a new crystal. If you do not have this equipment, you may want to consider your options carefully at this point.

You can buy new bezel assemblies with the crystal installed:

  • 1" diameter bezel with crystal … 123079 ($32.00) … order now
  • 1.5" diameter bezel with crystal … 123080 ($35.00) … order now

Shipping and handling fees apply. Sorry, we can not ship outside the U.S. at this time. Please allow 2-3 weeks.

  • Do you need more Interapid parts? See page 88

How to remove a bezel when it refuses to unscrew

Sometimes the bezel refuses to unscrew due to encrusted coolant that has gotten into the threads. Support the bezel on a wood block and tap the sides with a rawhide mallet, working all the way around. The plastic crystal may pop out in the process but there is no danger of other damage.

If the bezel still won’t turn, apply drops of oil on the underside so that the oil can seep into the threads. Let it sit overnight. Tap with the hammer again.

As a last resort, the bezel can be removed with a hack saw. This can be easier if you remove the movement from the body. Remove the two screws on the underside to do this. Hold the bezel in a vise and cut through the bezel just until you reach the threads.

Stop when the threads are exposed. If you cut a little into the threads, there is usually no harm done. Insert a large screw driver into the slot you have created and you can pry the bezel apart by twisting the screw driver sideways.

Would you like us to take care of this repair? Please see page 30 for details.

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