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Starrett T436RLS-3 1/2 Automotive Crankshaft Micrometer

This large outside micrometer is designed for automotive work and especially for crankshaft measuring. It is also well suited for all other work within its capacity. It measures the diameter of the journal bearing and main bearing of most crankshafts since the micrometer has a range from 1-1/2"-3-1/2". The reading point is on the under side of the sleeve (not on the side as in regular micrometers), plainly visible while measuring. It's a very useful feature when measuring between webs. Combination ratchet and speeder for uniform pressure and quicker adjustment. Gracefully designed tapered frame for use in narrow slots and tight places. Rigid one-piece frame of drop forged steel, ribbed for extra strength. Extremely hard and stable one-piece spindle. Micro-lapped steel measuring faces. Quick and easy sleeve adjustment.


Product Features

  • Starrett satin chrome finish no glare resists rust
  • Advanced sleeve design with staggered lines and distinct figures for precise and easy readability
  • Quick-reading figures every thousandth numbered on inch tools
  • Balanced frame and thimble design insure easy handling and better readability
  • Ring-type knurled lock nut for quick and sure locking


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Questions about Starrett Micrometers?


Q: Do you sell spare parts for Starrett micrometers?

  • Sorry, we do not carry parts for Starrett micrometers but you may be able to buy these directly from The L.S. Starrett Company in Massachusetts by calling 1-978-249-3551 extension 316




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