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Starrett Bench Micrometer

Bench micrometers are ideal for final inspection of parts. The digital readout speeds up the process and no special training is required to use it.

  • This digital model can be connected to a computer but it works perfectly well without.
  • Parts up to 1" can be measured with an accuracy of ± .0001"
  • Repair service, if needed, can be obtained from Starrett's own repair facility.

Hints on How to Use

This is different from the indicating micrometers (dial micrometer) as made by Mitutoyo or Etalon Swiss. The micrometer anvil is not detractable. You will operate the Starrett Bench micrometer just as you would any other micrometer except that it comes with a dedicated micrometer bench stand leaving both hands free. You take measurements with the spindle (in inches) or you can take measurements with the digital display which gives you the option of zero-setting at any point. This way you can quickly measure deviation from the desired, or required, dimenions. The digital display can also be switched to metric.

Here is what the manufacturer has to say:

The 777 Electronic Bench Micrometer is especially suited for precision measurements where the work must be brought to the gage.

[The parts to be measured are placed] between the anvil and spindle on an adjustable table, which can be raised to a selected height and locked in position by turning a knurled thumb screw on back of the base. Made of cast iron with black wrinkle finish, the base is heavily proportioned to sustain gage accuracy and assure stability in use. It stands on three machined pads.

Readability Features

  • Large, right-sized, high-contrast LCD digital readout is easy to read and reduces errors
  • Conventional inch or millimeter graduations standard
  • Attractive no-glare black wrinkle finish on the frame

Ease of Handling

  • Ring-type knurled lock nut for quick and sure locking
  • Smooth friction thimble for uniform pressure

Accuracy and Long Life

  • Extremely hard and stable one-piece spindle
  • The spindle and anvil are carbide faced for long life
  • One 3-volt battery furnished for dependable power and over one year's normal usage
  • Automatic OFF after 30 minutes of nonuse
  • Starrett workmanship [country of origin is unspecified]

Full-function Action

  • Instant inch/millimeter conversion
  • Measurement HOLD button
  • Ability to zero tool at any position
  • Ability to retain and return to the true zero reading of the micrometer
  • PRESET button to install any reading at any position
  • Ability to install minimum and maximum limits
  • RS232 data output port
  • Works well with DataSure® Wireless Data Collection Systems [optional]

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