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Interapid IRA2 Dial Groove Comparator Gauge

Replacement Contact Points

Warning: repairs of this gage are complicated. Do-it-yourself attempts are likely to cause further—and expensive—damage. Professional repair service is highly recommended. See page 30 for details.

For specifications, calibration, details and manufacturer supplied information about Interapid IRA2, see page 22.


The manufacturer has an annoying habit of using multiple formats for their part numbers. As you can see on this page, you will find the same part with or without a decimal point or leading zero. Be advised that they are generally not in stock in the U.S. For up-to-date pricing and availabiliity, please inquire by email.

  • Round steel contact T-330 (79.105697) for inch models (one piece)

  • Round steel contact T-130 (79.105667) for metric models (one piece)

  • Thin steel 2.5 mm contact T-331 (79.105698) for inch models (one piece)

  • Thin steel 2.5 mm contact T-131 (79.105668) for metric models (one piece)

  • 79.112126 adjustable feelers for bore measurement (sold as a matching pair)

Optional measuring inserts

  • 79.112051 ... includes two small 1-point contact feelers and one small 2-point feeler
  • 79.112052 ... includes two large 1-point contact feelers and one large 2-point feeler

The only parts we can supply are the replacement contact points. On the drawing, they are shown as item #18.


Various inserts used for comparative measurement of inside dimensions.

Companion Reference Guide for Test Indicators
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