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New Mitutoyo 6" model 505-742


The workmanship of this Brazilian made Mitutoyo dial caliper is clean and refined. It has the much sought after thumb roller which gives you great control in opening and closing the jaws. The sides of the beam have been coated with titanium. This means that there won't be any play—and errors—because of heavy use. It also gives them a nice and smooth slide. The dial numbers are very large and readable on a bright white face, without any annoying and misleading subdivisions.

Take note that, because of their low price, repairs will not be economical. Treat these (especially the 4" and 6" models) as "throw-aways" when the time comes. If you just need to replace a crystal or other simple part, you can always buy parts online. Take a look at the bottom of this page to see what parts are in stock. This is one of the reasons we recommend the Mitutoyo dial calipers: parts will be available (theoretically from any Mitutoyo distributor, if you ask nicely) except possibly for the oldest (obsolete) models, and that's understandable.

To use the calipers for depth measurement, add a T-Bar depth base attachment as shown on page 203.

We all know by now that you will find the best prices on Amazon. We want you to make certain that you buy the genuine Mitutoyo calipers, not one of the Chinese Mitutoyo imitations currently flooding the market.

pointinghandvintageimagegraphicsfairy2Be very wary of buying so-called Mitutoyo from anyone other than an authorized Mitutoyo distributor!

By clicking the links shown below you will be able to buy these calipers directly from Mitutoyo and not from a third-party. It is the best way to avoid getting ripped off and you will be saving 25% to 32% off list price.

Check it out and don't hesitate to place an order. You will not be buying from us because we can no longer compete with these cost-saving prices. Still, we will be making a few pennies by having referred you to Mitutoyo at and, thank you!

Check for genuine Mitutoyo dial calipers at 25% to 32% off List Price by clicking below.

Important: Mitutoyo has just announced new model numbers, shown below. Old and new are likely to overlap until stock is depleted. The new calipers have minor changes which do not affect accuracy or function.


New Model No.

(Old model no.)

Dial color

List US$

Sale Price


























505-676 (505-644-50)






505-677 (505-645-50)





  • resolution .001"
  • accuracy: ±.001" per 6"
  • hard plastic case for safe storage
  • thumb roller for great control
  • coated beam for long life
  • detailed instructions included in multiple languages
  • manufacturer's calibration certificate
  • 1-year warranty
  • made in Brazil
  • plastic crystal in a metal bezel can be bought assembled for easy replacement

    Discontinued models:
  • model 505-676 was formerly model 505-644-50
  • model 505-677 was formerly model 505-645-50


Q&A about Mitutoyo calipers


Q: I own a Mitutoyo dial caliper, code number 505-675. It can read to the nearest thousandth of an inch, supposedly, so I could measure a distance, for example: 1.253". However, there is also a scale on the blade for mm. Is this mm scale just there so I can know "approximately" the distance in mm? Am I missing something?

  • You are not missing something, you have in fact noticed something which most people miss. We have to assume that Mitutoyo uses the same beam for both inch and metric calipers during assembly. The dial readings would make the difference. 

Q: The hand no longer returns to zero. Can I make an adjustment?

  • On the older Mitutoyo models you had a copper "key" designed to fit into a hole in the side of the body so that you could reset the hand. In these new models, that feature is no longer available. If the hand is way off zero and you can't live with it, it means the gears have jumped a tooth and you'll have to return it for servicing. For repair service details, see page 30.

Q: I gather from your site that you could also repair my old Mitutoyo dial caliper. Is that true and/or is it probably even worth considering doing?

  • Actually, we no longer repair calipers particularly in light of the rock bottom sales prices. They just aren’t worth while. One of the issues easily overlooked is the condition of the measuring jaws. Even if we get the movement back in shape, we find the calipers are just barely accurate. Mitutoyo uses a nice and hard steel so they last pretty well but it doesn’t take much to get an error of over .001” when you think about it. Those jaws could be ground and lapped but the labor cost would never be justified. We used to charge $90 to repair a caliper. You see what I mean?

Q: Which screws should I order for the slider stop? I need to replace the slider stop, the black plastic piece at the end of the caliper beam. It fell out and I lost it.

  • Slider stops do not use screws. The plastic stop has two pegs which fit into the holes that look like they would be for screws. This is the reason the slider stop fell out in the first place.

Q: I need a thumb roller hook for a Mitutoyo caliper model 500-351.Your parts list shows that I need thumb roller hook 145120 that is discontinued without replacement. The parts list also shows thumb roller hook P/N 141941. Will this work or am I screwed?

  • The different thumb rollers are not interchangeable due to some subtle size differences. Unfortunately the designers at Mitutoyo never take this into consideration when they come up with model changes. You are screwed.

Q: I have an old model Mitutoyo caliper and I'm not sure if I can use the dial from a new model. Will this cause problems?

  • You can use a new dial, assuming it is the same diameter and has the same numerical configuration, but if someone down the line tries to order parts they may inadvertently think they have the wrong model number. If you change out a dial, be sure to write the correct model number somewhere conspicuous on the calipers to avoid problems.

Q: Do Mitutoyo calipers get oiled when reassembled?

  • There is no oil in the movement at all. The beams are often coated with a thin film of oil just to keep them corrosion free. It is best to remove the oil on the beam, if you notice any, with a cloth and a bit of alcohol. Do not allow any liquids to enter the movement.


Are you looking to install your own crystal?


Be advised: in order to install a new crystal in your dial calipers you will need a crystal press. These Mitutoyo caliper crystals are slightly oversized. The crystal press will cause them to become dome shaped and this is what keeps the crystals in place, in a groove inside the bezel. For details on crystal insertion and tools required, see page 15. An alternative solution is to buy the bezel and crystal already assembled (see parts lists below).


Mitutoyo dial caliper spare parts


You should be aware that specialized tools and some skill will be required when attempting to replace some of these parts. If you need to replace any of the components of the movement, we suggest simply replacing the entire movement assembly. It's quick and easy and gives reliable results.

To see pricing and to place an online order for spare parts, click on the [$] symbols shown below. For dial caliper models not listed here, refer to page 188.

Items which are not listed below are no longer available from us. We are currently phasing out the sales of Mitutoyo spare parts for gages other than dial and test indicators.




Items not listed below are no longer available from us

screw for bezel clamp



crystal only (may require a press for insertion)



rubber o-ring (packing)



hand (pointer)



hook for thumb roller



thumb roller



screw for hook




dial 505-677



complete movement assembly



thumb roller



screw for bezel clamp



crystal only (may require a press for insertion)



crystal and bezel assembled



More stuff about calipers


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  • Check out the competition: brand comparison ... page 11
  • Depth base (T-Bar) attachment ... page 203
  • General instructions of caliper use ... page 11
  • Measuring rods for calibration ... page 58
  • Questions and answers ... page 6
  • Vernier calipers ... page 136
  • Do-it-yourself caliper repair instructions ... page 44




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