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Mitutoyo test indicators

Pocket Type Series 513 – Last Word style

The Best of the "Last Word" tubular body type indicators

These Japanese imports have a structure similar to the well known Starrett Last Word indicator. They have been recently redesigned and the results make them a viable and desirable alternative to the Last Word style indicator. In fact, if you need this particular body style then, among all manufacturers, this is the only model we can recommend.

It will still be necessary to manually switch the contact point direction, using the lever on the side of the body. If this lever is not fully engaged one way or the other, the indicator will not return to zero. If you would like automatic switching, then see brand comparisons on page 37 for some excellent alternative models.

Includes indicator with .078" carbide point installed and one 3/8" holding stem installed. The holding stem can be removed and replaced with different diameters (optional). This type of indicator does not have dove tails. You will mount the indicator by the 3/8" stem. Accessories, other contact points, 4 mm mounting stem, etc., are separately available on page 59 or you can opt to buy the Full Set "T". Looking at the discounted internet prices below, you will see that sometimes the full set actually costs less than the individual indicator.

  • Bezel (dial) diameter is 1.3"
  • Holding stem 3/8" (.375") with wrench
  • Tubular diameter of body is 3/8" and about 35 mm long
  • Plastic box
  • Manufacturer's one year warranty

The FULL SET (designated by the letter "T" after the model number) is often a real bargain since it also includes six additional accessories:

  • .039" diameter carbide contact point
  • .118" diameter carbide contact point
  • 4 mm diameter holding stem #102036
  • swivel clamp #900322 with dovetail, 4 mm and 3/8" diameter clamping holes
  • .315" diameter holding rod #900211
  • rectangular holding bar 4" long #900306
Graduations Range Dial Contact Point Model Price US$
.001" .04" 0–20–0 1.04" 513-518 [$$] check price and stock
.001" .04" 0–20–0 1.04" 513-518T [$$] check price and stock
.0005" .02" 0–10–0 1.47" 513-512 [$$$] check price and stock
.0005" .02" 0–10–0 1.47" 513-512T [$$$] check price and stock
.0001" .01" 0–5–0 .74" 513-504 [$$] check price and stock
.0001" .01" 0–5–0 .74" 513-504T [$$] check price and stock
Mitutoyo 513-518

Basic model 513-518. This indicator's hand makes one revolution. The dial is balanced (see photo). The contact point can be swivelled more than 90-degrees forwards and backwards.

Companion Reference Guide for Test Indicators
$19.50 Now available at

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Accuracy of Pocket test indicators:
  • 513-518 ±.001"
  • 513-512 ±.0005"
  • 513-504 ±.0002"

Note: The published contact point length is measured from the center of the pivot to the center of the ball. This makes the actual exposed length of the point slightly shorter than listed. For example, the 1.04" contact is only about .9" long once it is screwed in place.

Mitutoyo Test indicator with 2.75" long contact point

Since the Interapid point and the Mitutoyo point both have the same M1.7 thread, you can insert the Interapid point on your Mitutoyo Pocket Style indicators. However, the indicator will NOT read accurately. It you intend to use it only for centering then this makes no difference. Just ignore the graduations on the dial.

Interapid 2.75" long contact point with .080" carbide ball ... $21.50 order now

Take note that the Mitutoyo contact points are now epoxied in place. We don't know what possessed Mitutoyo to do this. It may take a bit of force on your part to unscrew the old point and since you will have some epoxy residue in the threads, you may also have to apply a little extra torque to get the Interapid contact point to screw in. Don't hesitate to use a small pair of jeweler's pliers for this purpose. Feel free to ask us to install the contact point on your new indicator.

Mitutoyo indicator repairs and parts

There is not much that can be done by the end user unless special tools and skills are available.

You should never remove the plate on the side of the body. The contact point can be unscrewed using small jeweler's pliers. A wrench is used to change and install the mounting stem. The bezel, still made of durable metal, rides on an o-ring and this bezel can be pried off using a large, flat blade screw driver. The crystal is installed with a crystal press. If you do not have a crystal press it will be nearly impossible to change the crystal. You have the option of buying a new bezel with the crystal already installed (an easy option) or you can send the indicator—or just the bezel—to us for a crystal installation. If you do, be sure to tell us that you only want a new crystal, otherwise we will assume you want a complete refurbish and repair.

Long Island Indicator is a dealer and repair service for all mechanical Mitutoyo indicators, dial thickness gages, micrometers, and bore gages. With a large selection of spare parts always in stock we can offer quick and reliable service on many Mitutoyo gages. See page 30 for full details.

While new models can be repaired, it is considered uneconomical to repair the old models such as the popular 513-118 and 513-104 which had unreliable bearings. Also, since these new models are often on sale, the repair cost may not be justified. See page 30 for current repair costs so that you can make a decision.

Companion Reference Guide for Test Indicators
$19.50 Now available at

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