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Vernier Calipers for professionals.

If you're a novice: once you get the hang of it, vernier calipers are easy as pie to read and there are no gears, dials or pinions to malfunction. They'll probably never need to be repaired. If you're unsure how to read the vernier, ask someone to show you. That's the best way to learn. To sum things up: we would rather have one vernier caliper than a dozen dial or digital calipers. We have been using Swiss vernier calipers in our own shop and they haven't let us down in 61 years!

If you're a pro: no sales pitch needed.

Where are they made?

Undeniably, all calipers today contain parts that are of Chinese origin. The tools, however, are still designed and sometimes assembled and labeled "made in" by established manufacturing brands.

  • Starrett: U.S.A. designed, made in China
  • Mitutoyo: Japan designed, made in China
  • Brown & Sharpe: Swiss designed, made in China
  • Mahr: Germany designed, made in China

Note: Products of The L.S. Starrett Company meet all applicable federal or manufacturing specifications. They have a unique serial number, tolerance parameter, and traceability to The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). Specified accuracy for all calipers is ± .001" over the first 4 inches of travel and .0015" up to 8 inches.

(*) Note: Brown & Sharpe has discontinued model 599-577-1 and replaced it with V-Cal 00580101 (made in China)


How to read the vernier? The best way is to ask someone to show you how.

Range Graduations Accuracy Manufacturer Model Price US$
6" and 150 mm 1/128" and 0,05 mm ± .002" Mahr 4100400
8" and 200 mm .001" and 0,02 mm ± .002" Mahr 4100671
12" and 300 mm .001" and 0,02 mm ± .002" Mahr 4100672
6" and 150 mm .001" and 0,05 mm ± .0015" Brown & Sharpe V-Cal (*) 00580101
6" and 150 mm .001" and 0,02 mm ± 0,03 mm Mitutoyo 530-312 check price and stock
8" and 200 mm .001" and 0,02 mm ± 0,03 mm Mitutoyo 530-118 check price and stock
12" and 300 mm .001" and 0,02 mm ± 0,04 mm Mitutoyo 530-119 check price and stock
6" and 150 mm .001" and 0,02 mm not published Starrett 123EMZ-6
12" and 300 mm .001" and 0,02 mm not published Starrett 123EMZ-12 check price and stock
24" and 600 mm .001" and 0,02 mm not published Starrett 123EMZ-24
36" .001" not published Starrett 123Z-36 check with a Starrett distributor
48" .001" not published Starrett 123Z-48 check with a Starrett distributor
60" .001" not published Starrett 123Z-60 check with a Starrett distributor
72" .001" not published Starrett 123Z-72 check with a Starrett distributor

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