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Brown & Sharpe

1" travel dial indicators made by Kaefer

An inexpensive yet sturdy 1" travel indicator made by Käfer (Germany) for Brown & Sharpe. You'll be impressed by its smooth movement and solid construction. Just hold it in your hand and you can feel that, despite it's low price, there is nothing cheap about this indicator. The bezel diameter is about 2-1/4" and it comes with a lug back and 3/8" diameter stem.


  • AGD 4-48 thread size contact point.
  • For an assortment of points, see page 133.
  • Lug back included (flat back optional, see below)
  • 3/8" diameter stem
  • Does not include a certificate of calibration
  • MW216 is also available with reverse numbering on the dial. This is useful when the indicator is used with depth gages.

Note: because of the low purchase price of these indicators, repairs will not be economically feasible.

If you are buying these from Amazon, be aware that the product photos often do not match the product description. Read carefully to make sure you are ordering the correct indicator.


Your choice of white or black dial face. If you aren't sure, we suggest you go with the white dial. We find it easier to read.

Model No. Catalog No. Range Graduations Dial Dial Price US$
MB216 14.82023 0-1" .001" 0-100 black check price and stock
MW216 14.82022 0-1" .001" 0-100 white check price and stock
MW216 14.82028 0-1" .001" 100-0 white check price and stock
MW217 14.82016 0-1" .0005" 0-50 white inquire
MB217 14.82017 0-1" .0005" 0-50 black check price and stock

Companion Reference Guide for Test Indicators
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